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MVC: 1st Gameday Experience


Game day is definitely one of the most awaited for moments as an MVC. Everything we have worked so hard for is finally being put to work. Months of practices, workouts, and appearances prior to game day were to prepare us for these ten big days at TCF bank stadium! What my coaches, captains, and teammates could never prepare me for however was how I would FEEL at my very first game!!

I was overwhelmed with emotions of excitement, nervousness, and gratitude. The first thing that had a lasting impact on me was the national anthem. I had time to look around the field and soak it all in. Thousands of fans in purple and gold, dedicated workers all along the field, and determined athletes clumped together- all with their hands on their hearts. I realized at that moment that I, as an MVC, was all three of those things. I was a fan who fell in love with the game of football, I was a dedicated worker focused on doing my job the best I could do, and I was a determined athlete who worked so hard to get where I am today. Being a MVC meant I was a part of a bigger picture that gives fans the best game day experience they can possibly have, and that is one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

After the national anthem the game flew by. Every moment was filled with something to do and I was much busier than I thought I would be. I had so much fun performing for the crowd, cheering with everyone in the stands, listening to the fans opinions on who our regular season starters should be, watching the game in the best spots anyone could have, spending an entire day with my teammates and friends, and ending the game with a WIN!! I will forever remember my first game day experience because of all of these things and I would never wish for it to have gone any other way.


First Year MVC

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