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Monday Morning Mailbag: Combine Winds Down, Free Agency Set To Begin

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Who are the prospects the Vikings are rumored to have met with? -- Logan Whitson @Logan_WhitsonOSU

Teams are permitted to formally interview 60 players at the Combine, plus there are opportunities to informally meet players in Indianapolis. Also, teams can meet with players at college all-star games, such as the Senior Bowl, and during pro days and official pre-draft visits. So I would read at all into any reports or rumors about which teams have met with which players. Also, sometimes teams will not meet with players they are a high level of interest in because they want to create the illusion to other teams so no one jumps ahead of them on draft day for that player.

Any word on when the Vikings will start locking up our own free agents? -- Michael Simmons @Ms23Simmons

No, but don't be surprised to start seeing some deals across the NFL become official this week. Teams will depart Indianapolis from the Combine on Monday evening, and one item of business besides evaluating incoming prospects is to speak with agents of their own players to put the parameters of new deals into place. Once teams are back at their facilities, they can draw up the paperwork to make it official. Also, free agency begins on Thursday, and deadlines spur action so you may see some re-signings happen as we get closer to the start of free agency on Thursday afternoon.

Treadwell's ability in college was worthy of a 1st-round pick, yet he saw scant playing time and zero game planning, especially as a red zone weapon as he was billed. What gives? Have you seen anything that eases your worry and tells you he'll be the receiver we need him to be? -- Peter Marinello

It's not necessarily the message people want to hear, especially with first-rounders, but patience is the key with draft picks. The vast majority of draft picks are like seeds in that you get them, you plant them, you take care of them and you hope that over time they develop and blossom. There are very few draft picks, especially wide receivers, who are the type of seeds that blossom immediately. Another reason to remain optimistic is the approach head coach Mike Zimmer is taking with Treadwell. We all know Zimmer doesn't shower guys with praise just for the sport of it. But he has been optimistic about Treadwell and has lauded his work ethic and talent, even as recently as right here at the Combine. Given that, and given the draft pick/seed analogy, I am comfortable with where Treadwell is at and with his chances to improve this offseason and be a contributor this season.

Now that the Vikings will not exercise Adrian Peterson contract, will the Vikings go after a running back in free agency or the draft? -- Mike Herzog

Peterson will become a free agent on Thursday and Matt Asiata will, too, but the door is open to either or both of them returning to the Vikings in 2017. Regardless of whether either re-signs with the Vikings, though, I think there's a good chance the Vikings address the running back position in both free agency and the draft. Many of the analysts we ran into at the Combine, including NFL Network's Mike Mayock, said this is as deep a running back class as they've ever seen. That means it's a good year to strike at that position in the draft.

Do you feel trading up for a top 10 pick in this year's draft would be ideal for the Vikings so they can grab a safety like Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker to partner up with Harrison Smith in the secondary? Legion of boom 2.0. -- Steve Alalaga Melbourne, Australia

As good as Adams or Hooker may be, it's hard to construct an argument advocating for a trade up into the top 10 because the Vikings first pick is No. 48, and that is a long way to come up. It would require a heavy compensation package, likely including multiple picks this year in the first four rounds and maybe even a pick next year. With five picks in the first four rounds this year, the Vikings can infuse talent into a lot of spots on the roster during the draft and I don't know that it'd be worth compromising that potential to move up for one player who plays a position where the team already has an all-pro on the roster.

Any chance the Vikings stand pat at wide receiver? If we re-sign Cordarrelle Patterson, then we'd have Diggs, presumably Thielen, Patterson and Treadwell. That looks like a strong foursome to me. With priority on a re-tooled offensive line, it would relieve us from needing to focus anything at wide receiver. -- David Friedman

A chance? Sure. But I wouldn't bet on it. I don't know that the Vikings, or any team for that matter, should enter an offseason thinking they're going to neglect any position. From injuries to free agency to ineffective play, there are a lot of reasons you may need to replenish a position in the future, so adding a good player at a position is never a bad idea for that position. I agree that foursome is solid, but I wouldn't bat an eye at the possibility of adding another talented receiver to this offense.

With the news that Darrelle Revis will be released by the Jets, what are the chances we could pick him up at a decent price and convert him to safety across from Harrison Smith? I think that would be the best safety combo in the League, but I'd also like to see us upgrade the offensive line more than anything else, so picking up Revis would have to be inexpensive. -- Travis

Converting to safety is something that many great cornerbacks have done, including Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson. So this idea is certainly something for him to consider at some point, although I don't know if now is that point. And if he considers it, then a lot of NFL teams will consider being the team with which he makes that transition. The rub is that free agency is a two-way street. Just because a team wants to sign a player doesn't mean that player wants to sign with that team. I'm not sure if the Vikings are a good fit for that right now, though, for several reasons. There are other pressing needs, which Travis mentioned in his question, and they could require the cap space it would take to sign Revis. The Vikings also re-signed Andrew Sendejo last year and they have a couple of young safeties in Anthony Harris and Jayron Kearse who could still develop into starters. And finally, a lot of analysts believe this is a great safety class coming into the NFL in 2017, so the Vikings may rather go with a player who can develop rather than a veteran trying to extend his career. With all of that being said, it's never a bad idea to add a talented player, and Revis is a talented player, so I wouldn't rule anything out at this point. 

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