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Meet the Captains - 2017 MVC - Kayla S.


The 2017-2018 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have announced their team captains who will lead the team during exciting and historic season in preparation for the first Super Bowl hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium. The team captains have proved themselves as accomplished veterans and have earned the honor of guiding our team for the upcoming season. Coming from diverse dance backgrounds and combining a wide range of strengths, this set of captains is one of the most qualified in MVC history. Meet the captains of your 2017-2018 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders!

Kayla S.

One of the most crucial components to the MVC's success if having a strong Glamour Captain, and we are lucky to have MVC Kayla S. as our "GC" for the 2017-2018 season!

As a whole, the GC's main priority is to set up the entire team for success by making sure they are prepared at all times, have the resources to do their jobs effectively and ensure our image positively represents the Vikings organization. Kayla's responsibilities include preparing and sending out all packing lists to the team to make sure that they are fully prepared for practices, games and trips, giving tips/tricks to the team to help perfect their MVC look, and help inspire our team to maintain our reputation as the "Glamour of the North."  In addition to the Vikings, past experience cheering on other Minnesota sports teams has contributed to her success on MVC and her readiness to step into a leadership role this season. A fifth-year veteran, Kayla says that being a leader on MVC has taught her the importance of leading by example.

"I make sure I am doing my best and pushing myself to the next level in order to motivate others to do the same," Kayla said.

Outside of being a cheerleader, she is either working full-time as a property manager for a Fortune 500 company or playing with her brand-new puppy, Zoey. Within the past five years on the team, Kayla has made wonderful memories, and one in particular resonates the strongest:

"One memory that stands out to me over the past five years would be dancing at Wembley stadium for our NFL International game in London," Kayla said. "It was such a breathtaking venue to dance at and an opportunity of a lifetime dancing for an audience that typically doesn't get the NFL experience ... not to mention, an exciting Vikings win!"

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