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Kirk Cousins Starts Slow, Finishes Strong in Initials Game Debut

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins isn't used to competing without proper planning.

However, in a friendly competition earlier this morning, there was no way to prepare.

Cousins made his debut on KFAN's The Power Trip's weekly Initials Game.

"I don't know that you can be fully prepared until you step into the octagon, but I thought it went well for the first time out," Cousins told "Voice of the Vikings" Paul Allen following his appearance.

For those unfamiliar with the game, 12 items are selected that share the same set of initials. In today's case, the initials were "G.B." Up to six clues are read off for each item, and the first person to chime in with the correct answer is awarded a point.

In the past, current and former Vikings who have participated have struggled in their debuts. In his first game, Adam Thielen was shutout, and Matt Birk only scored once in his lone appearance.

Despite a slow start, including one right in his wheelhouse with a clue related to an episode of The Office, Kirk Cousins finished strong with a little help.

Item 11 happened to be someone Cousins has gotten familiar with over the past few weeks, helping him get on the board. After the 5th clue, Cousins rang in with the correct answer of Vikings rookie center Garrett Bradbury.

But Cousins wasn't one and done.

He followed up on Item 12 by ringing in after the 5th clue with the correct answer of the 2018 film Green Book.

"I didn't start as fast as I would have liked, but we found a way to finish strong," Cousins told Allen.