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Josh Duhamel to Dan Patrick: Vikings D is 'Under-respected'

Actor and loyal Vikings fan Josh Duhamel took advantage of an open mic on the *Dan Patrick Show *Thursday to trumpet the state of the Vikings.

Because of an agreement with one of the show's staff members, Patrick promised Duhamel 45 uninterrupted seconds to talk about his favorite NFL team.

"First of all, part of me doesn't even want to ruffle feathers or rock the boat here because we're quietly one of the better teams in the NFL," Duhamel said. "The Minnesota Vikings under Mike Zimmer — and Rick Spielman, by the way, has done a great job of drafting some of these young studs — we've got a defense that's nasty, fast, deep and under-respected, in my opinion.

"Teddy Bridgewater, a guy I wasn't sure was the right pick for this team, is turning out to be an absolute stud," the former Minot State University QB said. "Of course, we've got AP (Adrian Peterson), we've got a strong, young wide receiver corps, and I think a guy like Stefon Diggs, who people are finally starting to recognize as a real talent, is making waves."

Duhamel then hit the parking lot where Patrick challenged him to throw a 50-yard pass.

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