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Infant Cousins' 'SKOL Chant' Video Goes Viral 

It's possible that Cooper Cousins will learn the "SKOL Chant" before he says his first words.

It was Cooper's father, Kirk Cousins, who signed a contract on Thursday to become the Vikings new quarterback, but the youngest new member of the Vikings family may have stolen the show.

Cousins tweeted a video Friday morning of his wife, Julie, helping Cooper clap his hands together above his head to do the SKOL Chant. Cooper, who will turn six months old on the 29th, was all smiles.

Likes for the video on Twitter were approaching 25,000 by Friday afternoon.

Cooper accompanied his family to Minnesota Wednesday night, and he offered more gummy grins to the cameras on Thursday afternoon during Cousins' press conference. He even drew the attention of longtime Minnesota sports reporter Sid Hartman, who was celebrating his 98th birthday.

Cousins wore a purple-and-gold striped tie while speaking with media members. Cooper, cooing in the front row, was dressed in a yellow onesie, a Vikings bib and a gray, knit Norseman "helmet," complete with two little horns.

In a video showcasing Cousins' day at TCO Performance Center, Cooper also got the grand tour, including meeting Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer.

"He's looking good now," Zimmer said, giving Cooper a little nudge. "I'm going to get one of those hats for me."

It's clear that Cousins viewed the transaction as a family affair, and it's a family the Vikings are excited to welcome.

"I spent two-and-a-half hours with him and his family and then got a chance to meet his parents last night before we went to dinner, spent some time with them, and you knew right off the bat," Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman said. "I didn't need to spend two-and-a-half hours; I needed to spend 10 minutes with him and that family to know what they mean, what they're about and what's important to them. And it's everything that checks the box here with the Minnesota Vikings."

The feeling was mutual for Cousins, who looks forward to returning to the Twin Cities with Julie and Cooper, in April for offseason workouts.

"I look forward to playing here. As Rick said yesterday, this is a lifetime deal, that's the goal," Cousins said. "Yes, it's a three year deal, [but] the expectation is from both sides, we'd raise our kids here and if everything goes as planned that I'd be here a long, long time."

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