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Highlights from Keenum, Diggs, Rudolph & Griffen Podium Sessions

Welcome to NFC Championship week.

The magnitude of Sunday's game between the Vikings and the Eagles in Philadelphia for the opportunity to play in Super Bowl LII meant Wednesday that quarterback Case Keenum, receiver Stefon Diggs, tight end Kyle Rudolph and Everson Griffen stepped up to the microphone for formal media sessions.

The Vikings advanced to their first NFC title game since after the 2009 season when Keenum connected with Diggs on "The Minneapolis Miracle," a 61-yard walk-off touchdown that lifted Minnesota to a 29-24 victory over New Orleans.

Philadelphia withstood a late challenge from Atlanta — last year's NFC Champions — to prevail 15-10.

Here are quick highlights from the sessions with Keenum, Diggs, Rudolph and Griffen. The full sessions are in the videos.

Vikings QB Case Keenum on what life has been like since the throw:

"It's been good. It's been a good couple of days. I tried to treat it as much like a normal Monday and Tuesday as I could. There's a few more texts, phone calls, questions, talking to you guys, but those are good problems to have. Really, they're not even problems. It's just something that you deal with."

Keenum on if there's a sense of pride that he and Nick Foles are underdog QBs:

"I don't think in terms like that. I mean, are we proud of what we've accomplished? Heck yeah. Do we have more out in front of us? Heck yeah, so just like Coach said, what matters today is how we work and prepare today and getting ready to beat the Eagles."

Vikings WR Stefon Diggs on the widespread reaction to the play:

"It's just been a day-to-day thing. I had a conversation with my mom about it, and that was the most important conversation, some of my little brothers, and that's all that matters to me. I don't really care about too much, other than really happy to be in a position to get a W for my teammates and the fans who were there and supporting [us], everybody who stuck around, and we get another opportunity."

Diggs on if the play is a good reminder to play until the end:

"It's like a storybook ending. Nine times out of 10, it doesn't happen that way; the clock runs out, the defense plays good ball and no mistakes happen, but for us, we never gave up … kind of like Coach Zim' said, the good guys won."

* *

Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph on playing in his first NFC Championship:

"It's a great opportunity for us. Seven years is not as long as some, so I'm grateful for this chance to have this opportunity in my seventh year to play in an NFC Championship game. Coach Zimmer was talking to us this morning. He was talking about his first year in Dallas, they go to the NFC Championship game in '94 and go back in '95, and he hasn't been back since '95. I think I was just out of diapers in '95, so it kind of teaches us and we can portray that message, especially to the young guys. We have such a young team; this doesn't happen all of the time, and we have a great opportunity and we should make the most of it."

Note: Rudolph was joking with a bit of hyperbole. He turned 6 in November of 1995.

Rudolph on moving past Sunday's wild finish:

"It's nice to be on that end of it. Obviously, some of the guys in this locker room have been on the other end, and if you didn't believe before and didn't have confidence before that anything can happen if you go out there for four quarters and play for 60 minutes, that should ingrain it in this team, so kind of having new life, if you will, we came back in here Monday morning, and obviously Zim' addressed the team. It was, 'Congratulations, we're moving on, but why were we in that situation to begin with?'

"Turnovers, [a blocked punt], giving up touchdowns in the red zone, those are reasons why we won't reach our ultimate goal, so certainly we'd like to fix it and not be in that situation again. I think that was important for us to move on. When you have a night like that that ends the way it does, on such an emotional high, then we have to move on to the Philadelphia Eagles as quickly as possible and coming in and having a normal Monday and looking back at that second half and what put us in that situation to begin with allowed us to do it very quickly."

Vikings DE Everson Griffen on playing in his first NFC Championship:

"This is what we've been working for. It started in training camp. This year, we put it on ourselves to say, 'This is our destiny, to make it this far,' and we're here and that's what our d-line coach (Andre Patterson) talks to us about all of the time, 'This is our destiny.' We've got to capitalize on the moment and do it together for one another, hold each other accountable and just play ball. Football is really not that hard. It's the best team that takes care of the ball, [wins] field position, time of possession and all of those good things."

Griffen on having the right amount of energy and excitement:

"Just play ball, be myself, first and foremost. That's what everybody likes, for me to be myself and be that type of guy because I get everybody going, singing in the locker room, doing what I do. People love that. I sing in the shower, too — just playing. But people love that, when I bring my energy, so I'm just going to bring my energy all this week, come out and help my team win. It's going to come down to who stops the run, who puts the points on the board, who holds onto the ball and doesn't turn it over, time of possession and getting the job done."

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