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Expert Picks: Pundits Picking the Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The Vikings are back at home this weekend for the third consecutive divisional game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers (4-1) are coming off of a 35-31 comeback win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's see who the experts pick to win the NFC North matchup.

It's not fun picking against the *Vikings nearly every week. I really do like Mike Zimmer's team — it's just that the matchups have oddly worked out that way (and I've missed a few). And as discussed at the top of this page, Minneapolis has long been a tough place to play for the Pack. Remember Week 2 last year, when Kyle Rudolphlooked like the MVP of the 2016 season? Doubt he will even play in this matchup. By the second quarter last Monday night, Bradford was walking around like Gollum. A mobile Case Keenum gives the Vikingsa better chance to win while Bradford is hobbited, er, hobbled. On the other side, fans, media and everyone in between are still raving about Aaron Rodgers' Houdini act out of the pocket last week. *

Fun fact:Rodgers is 6-1 with a 112.8 passer rating and a 20:1 TD-to-INT ratio vs. NFC North teams since the start of 2016. #GBvsMIN

Packers 20, Vikings 17— Elliot Harrison,

Wow. This is *Aaron Rodgers *and the Green Bay Packers offense against one of the best defenses in football. This Minnesota Vikings defense matches up really well with Green Bay and what the team tries to do on offense.

One thing I'll have my eye on heading into the game is the health of offensive tackle David Bakhtiari. If he cannot go, the Packers could be forced to play Justin McCray — and he's a liability. That would be big trouble for Rodgers and Co.

Minnesota will be able to move the ball on Green Bay a little, but this is a Packers defense that is better than a lot of people realize. The health of wideout Stefon Diggs will play a part on that side of things.

As a whole, I have to go with the hot team, and that's the Packers. The biggest reason is that they should be able to threaten with Aaron Jones and the run game. That will allow them to have more freedom on offense.

This one will be close, but a Packers offense playing loose and with flexibility is scary.

Packers 20, Vikings 17 — Chris Simms, Bleacher Report

The Vikings might not have Sam Bradford this week, but Case Keenum has played well. This will be more of a matchup between Aaron Rodgers and that Minnesota defense. Green Bay is playing consecutive road games, but I think Rodgers finds a way again late to pull this one out.**

Packers 27, Vikings 23— Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

I'm not even sure it matters whether Sam Bradford or Case Keenum starts for the Vikings. I like Aaron Rodgers to have a big day against the Vikings' defense.

Packers 30, Vikings 17— Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk

The Vikings are improving, but the Packers are the Packers as they make their first of possible two visits this season to U.S. Bank Stadium.

Packers 27, Vikings 17— Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

The Vikings can't get right at quarterback, but to be fair, that's part of the package when you trade for Sam Bradford. (It feels like Stefon Diggs played for them barely more recently than Fran Tarkenton did). This is not the unit right now that can get into a legit shootout with Aaron Rodgers and make him pull out the dramatics the way he did against the Cowboys. Too bad, because there's no reason to trust the Packers defense so far.**

Packers 34, Vikings 21 *– David Steele, Sporting News*

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Pre-game win probabilities: Vikings 44

10 of 11 experts pick the Packers,ESPN

8 of 8 experts pick the Packers,CBS Sports

5 of 5 experts pick the Packers,USA Today

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