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ESPN's Sport Science Evaluates Laquon Treadwell's Eyes, Arms, Acceleration

The journey Laquon Treadwell made from college to the Minnesota Vikings included a stop in ESPN's "Sport Science Lab."

The analytic television show compared several metrics between the Vikings newest first-round pick and Josh Doctson, who was selected 22nd overall, one ahead of Treadwell.

The two receivers were wired up with motion-capture suits and eye-tracking glasses before being run through a series of tests and drills to evaluate burst speed, field vision, vertical jump and measurements.

"While Treadwell also has the size to dominate NFL defensive backs, his best attribute might be his vision," host John Brenkus said.

According to eye-tracking data, Sport Science said a majority of receivers will look away from a football with as much as 40 percent of the flight path remaining. Treadwell, however, kept his eyes fixed on the target for 90 percent of the trajectory as a heavy bag was directed his way to mimic a defender.

"Studies have shown that longer visual fixations improve motor skills like catching and can actually block out excess stimuli such as an incoming defender," Brenkus said.

The Sport Science crew emphasized Treadwell's arm length (33 3/8 inches), pointing out that he measures up with six-time Pro Bowl receiver Calvin Johnson, whose arms are identical in length.

Brenkus said Treadwell had the fastest acceleration from the line of scrimmage to the first 10 yards of any player tested.

After running Doctson and Treadwell through the gauntlet of tests, Sport Science compared them to San Diego's Keenan Allen and Houston's DeAndre Hopkins, respectively.

Treadwell's comparison to Hopkins will be seen first-hand on Oct. 9, when the Vikings host the Texans. The Vikings could have a look at Doctson on Nov. 13, when Minnesota travels to FedExField to take on the Redskins.

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