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Eric Kendricks, Mom Predicted LB's Pick-6 In Tennessee

Talk about foreshadowing.

Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks and his mom, Yvonne Thagon, predicted the future of sorts before Sunday's game in Tennessee.

Kendricks and his mom texted each other before Minnesota's 25-16 win, with Thagon saying she wanted Kendricks to get a sack. When the linebacker responded he wanted an interception, his mom went a step further and suggested he bring it back for a touchdown.

The second-year linebacker did just that, intercepting Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota late in the third quarter and racing 77 yards for a score to give the Vikings a 12-10 lead they wouldn't give up. 

Kendricks, who said after the game that his instincts took over on the play, posted a screenshot of the text conversation with his mom on his Instagram account (@erickendricks54) late Sunday night.

After she implored him to get a sack, Kendricks responded, "I want an interception!"

Thagon replied: "Ok… Then go get it. Let's make it a pick 6 while you're at it then. Lol" 

Kendricks said Monday that he always texts his mom before games. And sometimes a prediction gets thrown out that then takes place in the game.

"That's not the first time that's happened, believe it or not," Kendricks said with a laugh. "She's my No. 1 fans and it's crazy when things like that happen.

"They happened a lot maybe in high school or college, just little conversations I had with my family," he added. "They believe in me and it's cool to have that (support)."

Defensive end Danielle Hunter said Kendricks' clutch moment was a pivotal time in the game. The play was part of the Vikings scoring 25 unanswered points after being down 10-0 at halftime.

"Once Kendricks got the interception, that's when it started," Hunter said. "I feel like it was a big change in momentum when he got that interception." 

My mom gets what she wants

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