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Dannon Hulskotter | Vice President of Marketing & Fan Engagement


The 2015 season marked Dannon Hulskotter's 15th with the Vikings. He, along with the Marketing Department, manages the team's branding, marketing, promotions, creative services, corporate hospitality and all partner and fan special events. In his role of Vice President of Marketing and Fan Engagement, Hulskotter also oversees the team's entertainment assets including the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, Viktor the Viking mascot program and Skol Line drum line, women's and youth marketing initiatives, as well as alumni affairs.


Hulskotter acts as the main liaison with KFAN 100.3 FM, the team's flagship radio station, network radio affiliates, local ancillary TV and preseason TV partner programming and other media partnerships.

Hulskotter is a graduate of the University of Iowa and spent time with the Cavaliers/Gund Arena Company in Cleveland (1994-99) and Pacers Sports & Entertainment in Indianapolis (1999-2001) prior to joining the Vikings.

Hulskotter and wife, Amy, reside in Prior Lake with their two sons, Jack and Alex.


Influential person in my career:Steve Meyer. Steve was a salesperson that worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers when I first started as an intern and then stayed on with the organization. Steve really impacted my desire to stay in sports. He was very professional, just went about his business the right way, and I really enjoyed working with him and learning from him. He's definitely the one that at least started my career and allowed me to grow. He was a great influence, he was very knowledgeable, so I learned a lot from him, and it definitely made me want to stay in the business.

Advice that stuck with me:You have to have a passion for your career. That was told to me at a very early age when I got hired from being an intern to full time, and it was a very low-paying position. […] If you want to do well in any career, it's about having passion for what you do every day. If you don't have passion for it, find something else to do.

Favorite social media platform:LinkedIn


What I love about the Vikings:What gets me out of bed every day is our fans' passion for this team. That, to me, is what's most exciting. I came from the basketball side, and after having been here for a while and just seeing the passion our fans have for the Vikings really gets me excited. It makes me look forward to finally opening U.S. Bank Stadium and giving the fans a home they can be proud of and have a true NFL game-day experience.

Feature of my job I most enjoy:Now that it includes the fan engagement side of things, it would be developing programs and initiatives that further strengthen their passion for the brand.

Aspect of U.S. Bank Stadium I'm most excited about:There are so many of them! I would say the different technological enhancements that will create a better game-day atmosphere for our fans. It's hard to pinpoint one, because there are so many, but just technology and how that will impact our fans' experience at games and make it better.


One thing about me that would surprise you:I am a huge closet NASCAR fan, and I love everything with an engine and wheels. I'm kind of a gearhead. I probably don't come off that way, but people that know me eventually find that out.

What I like …

• Family activity: Boating or snowmobiling


• Possession: I raced BMX as a kid, all over the country, from age 8 to 11. There's one particular bike that I still have, it's called the Hutch Special K Edition, all chrome. It's a treasure of mine. I raced with it for about a year-and-a-half and still have it 35 years later.

• Time of year: I'd have to say the beginning of the calendar year, because of ice fishing and snowmobiling.

• Music: Country. I listened to a lot of stuff growing up and I like all types of music, but I'm probably more of a country person now because of my wife. I listen to KFAN in the car non-stop, but when I'm with my wife it's country music, and we'll play it around the house as well.

• App: SigAlert, which is a traffic app that I use every day.

• Hobbies: Snowmobiling, boating, ice fishing, youth sports. My kids play a lot of everything, so I spend a lot of my time with that.

• Movies: I love mobster movies. The Godfather, not even close, is my favorite movie of all time.

• Restaurant: Wildfire

• Vacation destination: We went to Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean, for our 10th wedding anniversary, and it was unbelievable.

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