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Cheerleaders: MVC All-Stars


The MVC- All Stars is made up of extraordinarily amazing young girls.  Each year the MVC hold open auditions for the All Star team, which is made up of girls ranging from grades K-12 who have a passion for dance and pride for the Minnesota Vikings.  The organization is split up into four teams - the Sparkle Team, Gold Team, Purple Team, and Platinum Team.  They practice once a week with former Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Kristina Ferdig, Pam Gleason, Sarah Overby, Krisan Shimpa and Jessie Getz,.  Current Purple Team member Taryn Burkett says "I love the choreography our coaches give us because it's always so fun and bouncy!"

These young dancers learn one to two routines to compete with throughout the year at both the regional and national level.  In previous years, the team has won numerous National Championships and prominent awards.  Claire Colbert from the Gold Team says, "every year I get mostly excited for the competitions. I love doing them because I can go out and show my dances and smile big for the crowd."  So far, this year seems to be off to a great start!

The All Stars are not just all about the competition however: "There are so many things I am looking forward to this year!  I'm so excited for everything because it is all so much fun.  I've had a such a great time meeting so many different friends and dancing with them" states Purple Team member Jossi Eisenbarth.  During the season, the teams do many community appearances including visits to nursing homes, 5K walks, Toys for Tots, Feed My Starving Children, and more.  It is such a blessing to see these little girls doing such great thing for the community, and having a blast doing it!

These young ladies possess such uniqueness in their performing, along with their spunky personalities.  I would like to wish all of the MVC All Star teams good luck, and a fantastic season!


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Ellen, 1st Year MVC

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