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Be Aware Of Counterfeit Tickets Ahead Of Vikings-Cowboys Game

*Eden Prairie, MN* (November 30, 2016) – The Minnesota Vikings are reminding fans to be aware of the large number of counterfeit or fraudulent tickets sold to Vikings games and other high-profile events around the country each year. These tickets are typically sold over the Internet and by ticket sellers near stadiums on game day.

Because of the Vikings ticket-scanning process, if a fan purchases a counterfeit ticket, he/she may not be able to access the stadium and could be subject to an investigation. If a person is already in the stadium and is caught in possession of a fraudulent ticket, he/she will be ejected and could be subject to arrest.

The Vikings are reminding fans the only authorized outlets for Vikings football tickets are theVikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and the NFL TicketExchange. Purchasing tickets from any other sources are done at the buyer's own risk and ticket selling on US Bank Stadium property is illegal.

The Vikings and the Better Business Bureau are offering fans the following tips:

On Game Day:

● Always check with the Vikings Ticket Office to see if tickets are available.

● The Vikings have two types of authorized tickets: accessible through the Vikings Mobile App or printed (8½" x 11") PDF tickets. If you are buying tickets on the street:

* Take your time. Scrutinize the tickets closely for any inaccuracies or alterations, and cross-check the seat assignment and prices with a stadium map found on the Vikings Mobile App.

*   * Vikings tickets are not sold on hard ticket stock. If you are buying tickets on the street and they are hard ticket stock they are likely counterfeit.*

* Ask the person who is selling tickets on the street if you can take a picture of him/her with their valid ID before the transaction. Cross-check the seat assignment and prices with a stadium map found on the Vikings Mobile App. If they refuse, move on.

Buying Tickets Online:

● Only the Vikings ticket office, Ticketmaster and the NFL TicketExchange can guarantee the ticket you purchase online will be valid to attend the event.

● When buying from a merchant, always look for the BBB OnLine seal. The logo will tell you that you're dealing with a company that has a good reputation for satisfying customers and a secure web site for processing your payment.

● When buying from an individual through an online exchange don't be lured away from the web site by the seller. Even if you met the seller on the exchange web site, the company may not guarantee any lost money if a transaction occurs outside their domain.

● If you buy tickets through an online auction, choose a seller with a long, continuous history of satisfied customers. Scammers can hijack old accounts, so make sure they have recently bought or sold other items.

● Only pay with a credit card or through PayPal, which offer some protection and potential reimbursement. Never pay with a cashier's check, gift cards or wire money to a seller; you'll have no way to get your money back if the tickets do not arrive.

● Many sellers will include pictures of the tickets with their posts on auction sites or bulletin boards. Scalpers near the venue will have the tickets themselves. Scrutinize the tickets closely for any inaccuracies or alterations, and cross-check the seat assignment with a stadium map found on the Vikings Mobile App before you buy.

The Vikings and the BBB urge all fans to use common sense, understand the risks, and use these tips to minimize the potential loss if they intend to go ahead and purchase tickets from someone they do not know or an unauthorized seller.

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