TCF Bank Stadium Parking Info

TCF Bank Stadium & Vikings 12/20 Game 

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The University of Minnesota welcomes the Vikings and their fans to TCF Bank Stadium for the December 20 game against the Chicago Bears.

Football Fan Parking

Football fan parking (public parking in an attended facility) will be available throughout campus.

Vikings fans are encouraged to park in downtown parking lots and take the Metro Transit 16/50 bus to campus. Another good option is to park in the St. Paul Fairgrounds Lot and take the University shuttle to the stadium.

  • Public parking facilities open at 9 a.m. for gameday parking. Individuals will pay as they enter ($20 in Minneapolis OR $10 at the St. Paul Fairgrounds Lot 108).
  • View a campus map of all locations:
    • Oak Street Ramp
    • East River Road Garage
    • Washington Ave. Ramp
    • Lot C-79
    • Lots: Ski-U-Mah, Northstar, 33, 37. C-58, C51,
    • Fourth St. Ramp
    • Nolte Center Garage
    • Church St. Garage
    • Lot 94
    • 21st Ave. Ramp
    • 19th Ave. Ramp
    • ST PAUL
    • Lot 108 (Fairgrounds lot)

Shuttle buses from St Paul Fairgrounds/Lot 108 and West Bank will start operating at 5 p.m. and will run until one hour after game ends. See more details below.

Regular campus shuttle service will also operate with its regular stops at the St. Paul State Fairgrounds/Lot 108; East Bank Minnesota Lot (25th Avenue at the Transitway), Oak Street (near McNamara Alumni Center), Washington Avenue Ramp, Coffman Memorial Union; and at West Bank's Blegen Hall. This service runs from 7 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. every 5 minutes; from 6:30-10 p.m. every 15 minutes and 10-midnight every 20 minutes.

RV Parking
RV parking is available on gameday only in the fairgrounds lot in St. Paul. Overnight parking is not allowed.

There will be NO tailgating for this game. Alcohol is not allowed on campus.

Football Shuttles
FREE Football Shuttles will connect parking locations on the West Bank and St. Paul campus to TCF Bank Stadium.

Football shuttles will run every 5 minutes starting at 5 p.m. During the game, shuttles will run every 15 minutes. After the game, shuttles will run continuously for an hour.

The West Bank Shuttle will stop in the following locations:

  • 4th Street S. between 19th and 20th Avenue S. (West Bank)
  • Coffman Union/Northrop Mall (East Bank)
  • TCF Bank Stadium (East Bank)

The St. Paul Shuttle will stop at the following locations:

  • Lot S108 (St. Paul fairgrounds lot)
  • TCF Bank Stadium (East Bank)

Dedicated shuttles for those with disabilities or in need of extra assistance will be available on the West Bank and St. Paul football shuttle routes. These dedicated shuttles will load at the same location as the other Gopher Football shuttles except that the St. Paul disability shuttle, after the game, will load on the west side of 23rd Avenue where the shuttle drops off pre-game.

All Football Shuttles are low-floor, one-level buses and are equipped with wheelchair lifts.

In addition, the Campus Connector will be operating on its regular Finals schedule.

Traffic Management

If you prefer a quick look at the big picture, we have a map showing the travel suggestions into campus and out of campus.

Here are the specifics intended to ease congestion and ensure safe, efficient movement through campus on game-days:

  • Traffic control officers will be positioned at key intersections, parking access points and pedestrian crossings to ensure safe, efficient movement through these critical areas.
  • The City of Minneapolis will implement a special event signal timing plan to accommodate pregame and post game traffic surges.   
  • The University of Minnesota will operate portable changeable message signs on key roadways to communicate parking availability and alert drivers of event related road closures or detours.      
  • On-street parking will be temporarily restricted at select locations during football games to promote efficient traffic flows.
  • Some streets immediately adjacent to TCF Bank Stadium will be partially or fully closed during football games to accommodate large pedestrian volumes before and after events.

Pre-game - the following traffic restrictions will be in effect:

  • 23rd Avenue between University Avenue and 6th Street will be one-way northbound.
  • 4th Street between 25th and 23rd Avenues will be closed to both directions of traffic.
  • Southbound traffic on Oak Street will be required to turn right onto 4th Street in front of the stadium.
  • During periods of high pedestrian activity, traffic control officers may restrict left and right turns from University Avenue eastbound to Oak Street.

Post-game - the following traffic restrictions will be in effect:

  • 23rd Avenue will be closed to both directions of traffic from 6th Street to 4th Street.
  • 23rd Avenue between 4th Street and University Avenue will be one-way southbound.
  • 4th Street between 25th and 23rd Avenues will be closed to both directions of traffic.
  • Erie Street between Essex and Fulton Streets will be restricted to local traffic.
  • 5th/6th Street from Maroon Lot to 15th Avenue will be one-way westbound.
  • 6th Street from Ski-U-Mah Lot to 25th Avenue will be one-way eastbound.
  • 25th Avenue from 6th to 4th Streets will be one-way southbound.
  • 17th Avenue will be one-way southbound from the 4th Street Ramp to 4th Street until traffic clears on 5th Street. Once traffic clears, vehicles exiting the 4th St. Ramp may leave via 4th or 5th Streets.
  • Oak Street between 5th and 4th Streets will be one-way southbound.
  • Essex Street between the Oak St. Ramp and Oak Street will be one-way westbound.

On Street Parking Restrictions

In addition to regularly marked parking restrictions, parking at the following on-street locations will be prohibited on gamedays. Vehicles will be tagged and towed. These locations will be signed as “No Parking” at least 24 hours in advance of all gamedays. 

  • Washington Avenue between Harvard Street and Huron Boulevard (both sides of roadway)
  • Oak Street between Washington and University Avenues (west side of roadway)
  • Oak Street between 4th and 5th Streets  (east side of roadway)
  • 5th Street between 17th Avenue and Oak Street (south side of roadway)
  • 25th Avenue between 4th Street and University Avenue (west side of roadway)
  • Essex Street between Erie Street and Huron Boulevard (north side of roadway)
  • Fulton Street between Oak Street and Huron Boulevard (both sides of roadway)
  • 4th Street between 23rd and 25th Avenues (south side of roadway)

Additional Transportation Options 
For those who would rather completely avoid driving to campus, Metro Transit offers fast, frequent service to TCF Bank Stadium on several bus routes. Or take the train to Downtown East-Metrodome Station where you can catch a #16 bus for a short ride to the stadium. Visit Metro Transit for personalized trip planning.