Players of the Month

View Vikings players that have been named the "Player Of The Month" for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams over the years.

1986 Doug Martin, DE Defense September
1989 Keith Millard, DT Defense October
1992 Chris Doleman, DE Defense December
1993 Chris Doleman, DE Defense Dec./Jan.
1994 Jack Del Rio, LB Defense September
1994 Anthony Parker, CB Defense October
1994 John Randle, DT Defense December
1994 Fuad Reveiz, K Special Teams December
1995 Warren Moon, QB Offense November
1996 John Randle, DT Defense September
1997 Jake Reed, WR Offense September
1997 John Randle, DT Defense October
1998 Randall Cunningham, QB Offense October
1998 Mitch Berger, P Special Teams November
1998 John Randle, DT Defense December
1999 Mitch Berger, P Special Teams September
1999 Cris Carter, WR Offense November
1999 John Randle, DT Defense December
2000 Robert Smith, RB Offense November
2000 Mitch Berger, P Special Teams December
2003 Daunte Culpepper, QB Offense September
2004 Daunte Culpepper, QB Offense October
2005 Chris Kluwe, P Special Teams September
2005 Darren Sharper, S Defense November
2009 Brett Favre, QB Offense November
2011 Jared Allen, DE Defense October
2012 Percy Harvin, WR Special Teams September
2012 Adrian Peterson, RB Offense December
2012 Blair Walsh, K Special Teams December
2013 Cordarrelle Patterson, WR / KR Special Teams December
2014 Everson Griffen, DE Defense October
2015 Adrian Peterson, RB Offense November