University of Minnesota

1. Arrive EARLY and HAVE A PLAN – Parking facilities for noon games will open at 7:00AM. For all other game start times the facilities will open SIX (6) hours before the game.

2. Bring the correctly dated parking pass with you to park in your season parking spot. Do not separate the two sections of the parking pass.

3. Please park in designated lots or facilities provided for game-day parking. Illegal parking will be strictly enforced, on and off campus. Violators will be subject to tagging and towing at owner’s expense.

• Consider parking in St. Paul and take the free shuttle (8-minute trip)*

• Review arrival maps online at to find the best route to your parking

• Review exit maps online at to become familiar with how traffic flows out of campus after large events (police officers control some intersections to get fans out of congestion as quickly as possible)

*Note that due to the Minnesota State Fair, lot S108 is unavailable for August games

In July, a few season parking locations will open for pre-purchasing online. More will become available in mid-August. Single game parking passes will be online as well – watch the website for more details.

Parking options will change/expand as locations fill. A few of the most popular choices are listed here:

• East Bank Lots around the Stadium – $20-40(tailgating varies)

• Washington Ave Ramp – $20 (no tailgating)

• Oak St. Ramp – $20 (no tailgating)

• West Bank Lot 86 – $10 (no tailgating)

• St. Paul Fairgrounds Lot 108 – $20 (tailgating)*


Single game parking (CASH ONLY) is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A few of the best choices are:

• 4th St. Ramp – East Bank, 1625 4th St. SE, Minneapolis – $20 (no tailgating)

• East River Road Garage – East Bank, 391 East River Parkway, Minneapolis – $10 (no tailgating)

• State Fairgrounds Lot S108 – St. Paul campus, 1440 Randall Ave., St. Paul – $20 (tailgating)*

*Note that due to the Minnesota State Fair, lot S108 is unavailable for August games

Directions for parking on campus are available online at These driving recommendations are meant to help you navigate road restrictions due to the game.

•Choose your campus parking based on the direction you are traveling to/from.

•Lots on the east side of the stadium are recommended to be accessed from Highway 280 and I-94 via University Avenue.

•Lots and ramps on the west side of the stadium are recommended to be accessed from 35W via University Ave.

•Ramps near and south of Washington Ave are recommended to be accessed from I-94 via Huron Boulevard.

Some roads are restricted after the game and officers direct traffic to the freeways along a specific route. This helps to get fans off campus as quickly as possible.

•Lots on the east side of the stadium will be directed to leave campus eastbound.

•University Avenue connects to Highway 280 and I-94 just southeast of campus.

•Lots and ramps west of the stadium will be directed to head west.

•4th Street connects to I-35W within seven blocks of campus.

•Oak Street Ramp and part of Washington Avenue Ramp are directed to Huron Boulevard and the I-94 connection.

•East River Road Garage and Church Street Garage are directed to use the Washington Ave Bridge to access the freeway system.

Specific parking locations have specific exit routes assigned to them to distribute the outbound traffic to help fans get off campus as quickly as possible. The map showing the exit routes for each parking facility can be found at