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New Vikings Stadium

"Yes" Votes

As a result of the 107 State leaders who voted “yes” on stadium legislation this past spring, we are moving forward on an exciting project that will create thousands of jobs, bring economic activity to the State and secure the Vikings in Minnesota for several generations. Now after taking the difficult but necessary vote, many of these legislators face a challenge heading into the 2012 general election. Opponents are highlighting stadium support as a reason to vote against these candidates. However, just as these legislators stood with Vikings fans and stadium supporters last legislative session, we need to stand with them during this campaign.

We hope Vikings fans will get out and vote in this year’s general election on November 6. To make it easy for you, we’re providing the following lists of Senators and Representatives who voted “yes” on stadium legislation and are up for reelection.  Here is the list of Senators and scroll down the page to find the list of Representatives.  

SENATORS (district locator information below):

Senators, Party and District
Thomas Bakk (DFL), 03 | John Pederson (R), 14
Terri Bonoff (DFL), 44 | Roger Reinert (DFL), 07
John Carlson (R), 05 | Ann Rest (DFL), 45
Bobby Champion (DFL), 59* | Julie Rosen (R), 23
Dick Cohen (DFL), 64 | Tom Saxhaug (DFL), 05
Kent Eken (DFL), 04* | David Senjem (R), 25
Michelle Fischbach (R), 13 | Kathy Sheran (DFL), 19
Joe Gimse (R), 17 | Katie Sieben (DFL), 54
Barb Goodwin (DFL), 41 | Rod Skoe (DFL), 02
Bill Ingebrigtsen (R), 08 | Dan Sparks (DFL), 27
Lyle Koenen (DFL), 17 | Leroy Stumpf (DFL), 01
Ron Latz (DFL), 46 | David Tomassoni (DFL), 06
James Metzen (DFL), 52 | Torrey Westrom (R), 12*
Jeremy Miller (R), 28 | Charles Wiger (DFL), 43
Carla Nelson (R), 26
*Bobby Champion previously represented district 58B.
*Kent Eken previously represented district 02A.
*Torrey Westrom previously represented district 11A.

To find your legislative district and whether one of these legislators is your Senator, visit and click on “Who Represents Me.”

REPRESENTATIVES (district locator information below):

Representatives, Party and District
Jim Abeler (R), 35A   |  Paul Marquart (DFL), 04B
Paul Anderson (R), 12B   |  Denny McNamara (R), 54B
Tom Anzelc (DFL), 05B   |  Carly Melin (DFL), 06A
Joe Atkins (DFL), 52B   |  Rena Moran (DFL), 65A
Michael Beard (R), 55A   |  Terry Morrow (DFL), 19A
John Benson (DFL), 44B   |  Mary Murphy (DFL), 03B
Kathy Brynaert (DFL), 19B   |  Rich Murray (R), 27A
Tony Cornish (R), 23B   |  Michael Nelson (DFL), 40A
Greg Davids (R), 28B   |  Bud Nornes (R), 08A
David Dill (DFL), 03A   |  Kim Norton (DFL), 25B
Dan Fabian (R), 01A   |  Tim O’Driscoll (R), 13B
Patty Fritz (DFL), 24B   |  Gene Pelowski, Jr. (DFL), 28A
Pat Garofalo (R), 58B   |  John Persell (DFL), 05A
Steve Gottwalt (R), 14A   |  Jeanne Poppe (DFL), 27B
Bob Gunther (R), 23A   |  Tim Sanders (R), 37B
Rod Hamilton (R), 22B   |  Joe Schomacker(R), 22A
Debra Hilstrom (DFL), 40B   |  Steve Simon (DFL), 46B
Joe Hoppe (R), 47B   |  Linda Slocum (DFL), 50A
Larry Howes (R), 05A   |  Paul Thissen (DFL), 61B
Sheldon Johnson (DFL), 67B   |  Paul Torkelson (R), 16B
Tim Kelly (R), 21A   |  Dean Urdahl (R), 18A
Debra Kiel (R), 01B   |  Bruce Vogel (R), 17B
John Lesch (DFL), 66B   |  John Ward (DFL), 10A
Leon Lillie (DFL), 43B   |  Ryan Winkler (DFL), 46A
Tim Mahoney (DFL), 67A   |  Kelby Woodard (R), 20A
Carlos Mariani (DFL), 65B

To find your legislative district and whether one of these legislators is your Representative, visit and click on “Who Represents Me.”