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U.S. Bank Stadium

Economic Impact

Not only will a Vikings stadium keep one of Minnesota’s biggest assets in the State, but building a new facility will also support thousands of jobs and generate significant economic activity at a time when the State desperately needs it.

According to Mortenson Construction, 1,600 construction workers will work over 900,000 hours in just the first year of construction. Along with the immediate jobs, an analysis completed by Conventions, Sports & Leisure, International (CSL) and Mortenson Construction in 2009 showed the construction and operation of a new stadium and the Minnesota Vikings franchise would provide the following significant economic benefits.

  • The construction of a new stadium will support approximately 13,000 jobs, including 7,500 construction and trades workers who will be employed during the three-year building process.
  • Nearly 4.3 million work hours with almost $300 million in wages for construction workers will be required for this project.
  • In addition, the fabrication of project materials will create a separate substantial number of jobs and wages.
  • Upon completion of the stadium, 3,400 full and part-time jobs will be supported by the economic activity generated by a new stadium.
  • Over 90% of the total materials and labor subcontract value will go to Minnesotans. The Building & Construction Trades Council is experiencing nearly 20% unemployment this project will have a significant impact on putting these construction workers back to work.
  • According to CSL, the economic activity from a new stadium will generate over $26 million per year in tax revenue and over $145 million in direct spending by Vikings fans inside the State of Minnesota.

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