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  • BHM: Forward Progress (4:58)

    As February comes to a close we look back on our celebration of Black History Month. For more visit
  • BHM: Peaceful Protests (2:03)

    Former Vikings Carl Eller, E.J. Henderson and Vikings Chief Operating Officer Kevin Warren look back at the Greensboro, NC Sit-Ins of 1960 which led to social change through peaceful protests. For more visit
  • BHM: Football Forefathers (2:24)

    Learn the rarely-discussed history of the first African-Americans in the NFL including the story of Kenny Washington, a teammate of Jackie Robinson at UCLA, who became the first to sign a contract with an NFL team after World War II. For more visit
  • BHM: Justice For All (4:00)

    Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and Vikings Hall of Famer Alan Page discusses the meaning of Black History Month with Mark Rosen. For more visit
  • BHM: Homegrown Leader (1:31)

    Roy Wilkins rose from humble beginnings in St. Paul, Minnesota to become the head of the NAACP and one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. For more visit
  • BHM: Race and Sports (3:44)

    World-renowned civil rights activist Dr. Richard Lapchick gives his thoughts on how sports have positively impacted race relations in our country throughout history. For more visit
  • BHM: Painful Memories (2:05)

    Vikings Ring of Honor member Jim Marshall, the grandson of a freed slave from Ethiopia and a white Irish lady, recalls the cruelty he encountered as a child. For more visit
  • BHM: A Triumph For Freedom (1:38)

    Civil Rights activists showed courage and conviction during a 54-mile, multi-day march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in March 1965. The successful march followed a horrific scene during an earlier attempt and helped eliminate voting restrictions. For more visit
  • BHM: Constant Reminders (4:22)

    Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and Vikings Hall of Famer Alan Page shares with Mark Rosen artifacts of the African American experience, including a slave-made brick originally used in the White House. For more visit
  • BHM: A Punting Pioneer (4:24)

    Greg Coleman’s passion for punting and commitment to practice enabled him to do so at the game’s highest level.

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