Vikings Women

1 cup Purple Yam, boiled and mashed
1 cup Heavy Cream
1 cup Whole Milk
3/4 cup Coconut Milk, canned
1/3 cup Granulated Sugar
1/3 cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1/8 tsp Salt

Preparation Steps

Prepare the purple potatoes so they cook until tender and already peeled and mashed.

Slightly cool. Drain any excess liquid in a colander. Set aside.

In a small bowl, combine 2 Tbsp of whole milk and the cornstarch. Whisk until the cornstarch is blended. Set aside.

In another bowl, combine the remaining  whole milk, heavy cream, coconut milk, sugars, and the salt. Mix well until sugar is dissolved. Put this in a medium sauce pan and on medium heat, bring to a boil, then simmer until sugar is dissolved.

Take mixture off of stove top and whisk in cornstarch mix. Put back in the stove and cook over medium heat until mix begins to thicken. Continually stir this as it thickens so that it won’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Remove thickened mixture from the stove top and let it cool (use a bowl of ice to stop the cooking process quickly). Mix in the yams.

Using a standing mixer or stick blender, puree the mixture until smooth.

Pour the mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps of yams (make sure to have a bowl underneath the sieve to catch your mixture). Discard any solids.

Cover and chill the mixture in the refrigerator for about 2 hours or so.


Place frozen bowl on base of ice cream maker and turn it on. Pour the chilled yam (ube) mixture into the frozen bowl.  Churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions for about 15 minutes or so. Transfer the ice cream to a container and cover with a lid. Freeze for a few hours before serving.

Chef's tip: You can buy Frozen boiled Ube in the frozen aisle at Asian supermarkets