Monday Morning Mailbag


Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Nov 4, 2013

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While it was still disappointing that we lost the game, I thought it was the best game of the season. The defense was stopping Dallas’ offense. Our offense was making plays. Adrian Peterson was getting some yardage. They fought hard all game and there was no quit. It was a great showing with an anti-climactic ending. How badly were we hurt? Some key players and backups went down.

Thanks for conducting another good game day chat.

-- Mike B.
Goodwin, SD

As always, thanks for being there to chat, Mike. For those readers who may not know, we chat live during every Vikings game on So if you want a fun, new way to follow Vikings games, come to the website on Thursday night and chat with us during the Vikings-Redskins game.

As for Mike’s question, it’s hard to know for sure how banged up the Vikings are coming out of this game. Head coach Leslie Frazier will give a more thorough update during his customary day-after-the-game press conference on Monday afternoon, but I expect some bad news. Phil Loadholt (concussion), Kyle Rudolph (foot) and Xavier Rhodes (knee) all left Sunday’s game and didn’t return, and with a short week upcoming I think all three will be hard-pressed to be ready to go.

But, again, coach Frazier will have an official update on Monday afternoon.

After losing previous games in the last minute, don't you think that the Vikings should have gone for the first down on their second-to-last possession? Taking a chance on offense is better than watching the defense give up another long game-winning drive.
-- Terrel T.
Honolulu, HI

With a 23-20 lead, 3:41 to play in the  game and facing a 4th and 5 from the Dallas 36, the Vikings had three choices: 1) go for it; 2) kick a field goal; or 3) punt. You can make a case for all three, and questioning the decision now with the benefit of hindsight is much different than having to make the call in the heat of the moment. Coach Frazier decided to punt and the decision looked to be a good one after Locke and the punt coverage team pinned the Cowboys on their own 10. Unfortunately, Tony Romo was masterful on the ensuing drive and marched Dallas 90 yards in nine plays and 2:09, while never facing a 3rd down, and they scored on a pass to Dwayne Harris to take the lead.

Again, the benefit of hindsight is available to us now and that’s much different than having to make this call in the heat of the moment. The Vikings went for it once previously on 4th down and didn’t make it, so that may have been weighing on coach Frazier’s mind. As for the field goal, you have to wonder if Walsh miss from 50 yards in New York and the health of his hamstring was a factor in this decision, too.

In the end, I don’t have any issue whatsoever with coach Frazier’s decision to punt, especially in light of how well the punt was executed. Sometimes you just have to give the opposition credit for being the better team at the game’s biggest moment, and that’s what Dallas was on Sunday.

Do you think the Vikings will stick with Christian Ponder after a pretty good game? Or do you think they will go with Josh Freeman?
-- William
Roselle Park, NJ

This is another question I’m sure coach Frazier will address at his Monday press conference, but I see no reason why the team would go away from Ponder based on how he played against Dallas. Ponder looked sharp at times, particularly in some of the no-huddle situations.

I noticed during Sunday's game versus Dallas that the Vikings were wearing their purple “home” jerseys at AT&T stadium. Is there a reason for that? Still and always a fan after a 1-7 start. SKOL Vikings!
-- Levi B
Apple Valley, MN

It’s the home team’s choice as to what jersey combination they will wear at a home game, and the Cowboys have traditionally worn their white jerseys at home. This means that often times the opposing team will wind up wearing their “home” jerseys (or an alternate jersey) when playing Dallas on the road. Another interesting note on this topic is that the Vikings have the offense wear the same colored practice jersey that the team will play in for the upcoming game. If the Viking have a home game on Sunday, the offense will practice all week in purple practice jerseys and the defense in white practice jerseys; for a road game, vice-versa.