The Great Debate: Read-Option, Thursday Night Games, and Cris Carter's Best Feat

Posted Nov 12, 2013

Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen and Vikings Entertainment Network’s Mike Wobschall are the biggest cheerleaders for the Vikings you can find. But while they both root for the Vikings, they often boast different opinions about the team. See them debate it out below.

Round 1
Is the read- option offense here to stay, or will it go the way of the wildcat?

PA's Take: I do not believe teams will win at a high level out of the read-option base. The 49ers used it powerfully to get to the Super Bowl last year, but when the playoffs began and in the Super Bowl Harbaugh pulled back and ran more of a power running/vertical offense. It's a good, bruising trick that will only get teams so far.

Wobby's Take: It will last much longer than the wildcat, but soon enough it’ll be less prominent in the NFL because owners, GMs and coaches are going to become leery of letting their star quarterbacks assume the risk of taking too many hits. Also, if the read-option is your predominant offensive set, you can run into trouble if you fall behind early in games.

Round 2
Are you a fan of having NFL games on Thursday night?

PA's Take: I don't mind it, but the quality of the games can be sketchy. The longer the season goes the more tired bodies/minds are, and that's tough on the players. I don't believe game-plan installation is as good on the short week as a full week, either.

Wobby's Take: Absolutely. Who doesn’t want MORE evenings with NFL games? The NFL does a brilliant job of branding and marketing itself, and Thursday Night Football on NFL Network is another illustration of that point. Who cares if the matchups aren’t always A ? It’s still football and it’s still the NFL.

Round 3
What’s the greater feat by Cris Carter: 1,100 receptions or 130 career TDs

PA's Take: You catch for show and score for dough. A certain four- letter network had a guy in a pink suit make famous "all he does is catch touchdown passes" when describing Cris, and that kind of answers the question for me. Cris Carter is one of the great red-zone threats in the history of the NFL.

Wobby's Take: Obviously scoring points is the name of the game, but Carter’s receptions total is an indication not only of his scoring ability but also his ability to keep drives going by making clutch 3rd-down grabs. Also, his receptions total points to both consistency and durability – from 1993 to 2001 his lowest receptions total was 73.