Sugarman, Vikings Staff Up For Excellence In Aquatics Award

Posted Jun 6, 2013

Vikings Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman and the entire Vikings training staff are up for the 2013 Excellence in Aquatics Award which is given out by HydroWorx for their working during Adrian Peterson’s ACL rehab during the 2012 offseason.

Fans can click here to visit the HydroWorx website to vote for Sugarman and the Vikings staff.

According to the HydroWorx website, “The 2013 Excellence in Aquatics Award recognizes these professionals who, despite all odds, garnered superior rehabilitation results through innovative, and sometimes unconventional, methods. These pioneers relied on aquatics as a medium to help achieve exceptional results. This year’s nominees, displayed creativity, expertise and courage when it came to rehabilitating their athletes-- and it paid off.”

The deadline to vote is midnight on Thursday, June 20.  The winner will be announced at the NATA 64th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Las Vegas on June 24.