Eight Out-Of-Context Quotes From Jared Allen's Appearance On Dave Dameshek Podcast

Posted Jul 10, 2013

Jared Allen

Vikings DE Jared Allen appeared on the most recent episode of’s The Dave Dameshek Program.  You can listed to the full show via this link (Allen’s interview begins at the 38:20 mark).  Below are five out-of-context quotes from Allen’s appearance that, per usual with the All-Pro pass rusher, hit on a wide variety of subject matters.

"We just teamed up with the Professional Bull Riders..."

"…maybe like a 100-pound black bear I have a chance? If I don’t get to tape knives to my hands then he can’t have claws. "

"If I have to fly the Raven obviously wins."

"Do I catch them early in the morning after a late night of carousing?"

"Everybody passes right?  Well, I still believe there’s room for old school football."

"We need to be able to throw the ball."

"A pop warner team could have scored on us there."

"My bones love the Dome."

Again, to listen to the full interview on, click here.  And to subscribe to Dameshek’s Podcast via iTunes, click here.