Chavous Evaluates Vikings Three 7th-Rounders

Posted May 13, 2013

Most Vikings fans know Corey Chavous as a former player who lined up as a cornerback and safety for the team from 2002-05. In that time, Chavous grabbed 14 INTs and earned one trip to the Pro Bowl. Chavous spent 4 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals before joining the Vikings and then 3 seasons with the St. Louis Rams after moving on from the Vikings.

But now Vikings fans should get to know Chavous as a football analyst, and more specifically as a draft analyst. Chavous started his own website, called, and he’s become a well-respected analyst when it comes to the NFL draft. He is a regular guest on Voice of the Vikings Radio Network Paul Allen’s weekday 9-noon show and he’s also a contributor to, the NFL Network and other outlets.

On a recent appearance with PA, Chavous provided his opinion on 3 of the Vikings late-round draft selections. Since most fans are unfamiliar with player selected in the latter stages of the draft, who better than Chavous to help illuminate the situation? Here’s what Chavous had to say about the Vikings three 7th-round selections – LB Michael Mauti (Penn State), OL Travis Bond (North Carolina) and DT Everett Dawkins (Florida State)…

Michael Mauti
"I think Mauti is a very, very good football player. I believe he can recover from these ACLs (injuries). It’s no different than if you took Marcus Lattimore, but the difference is he’s a little healthier at this point. Also he’s coming off outstanding productivity in school. Very underrated player who’s a little bit underrated in pass coverage as well. Really like him overall, his leadership and how he feels about himself."

Travis Bond
“We gave Travis Bond a fourth-round grade. He was our ninth-best guard in the draft. Played right tackle in 2012 when they lost Brandon Williams. The one thing about him, he has a nasty demeanor on the field. Effective on down blocks. Can collapse the line at times with his girth. Sometimes he has poor bend, but that’s something he got better with. I was impressed with how he looked when I was watching him at the Texas vs. Nation all-star practices going one-on-one with a lot of defensive ends.”

Everett Dawkins
"An up-the-field penetrator. Talked to some scouts around the League, they had a much higher grade on him. To get him where you got him at was pretty good. He has to work on finishing plays when he gets there. To me, he’s got a lot of similarities to Floyd in the fact that he can get up the field. I’m not sure that at some point during the year, he wasn’t as highly regarded (as Floyd). He’s not as physically talented as Floyd, but this is a guy who is very disruptive."