By The Numbers: Jared Allen

Posted Oct 10, 2013

Before the Vikings begin the post-bye part of their schedule, a stretch of 12 games in 12 weeks that includes five games over the next 31 days, let’s pause to take a moment and assess Jared Allen’s career and where it stands relative to fellow current and past pass rushers.

When you look closely at the numbers, Allen’s place in a number of categories is impressive.

NFL Sack Leaders 2004-present
1) Jared Allen - 120.5
2) DeMarcus Ware - 115.0

NFL Sack Leaders from 2008-present (since Allen joined Vikings)
1) DeMarcus Ware - 81.5
2) Jared Allen - 77.5

Most Sacks in First 10 NFL Seasons
1) Reggie White (1985-94) - 145.0
2) Jared Allen (2004-13) - 120.5
3) Derrick Thomas (1989-98) - 119.0
4) Bruce Smith (1985-94) - 116.0
5) DeMarcus Ware (2005-13) - 115.0

The names included in the lists above can all be placed into one of two categories: Hall of Famers or perennial Pro Bowlers. Jared Allen falls under the “perennial Pro Bowlers” category. Will he one day be in the “Hall of Fame” category? I’ll say yes.

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