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Posted Nov 20, 2009

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When Brett Favre signed, I thought Bernard Berrian would benefit the most and maybe even go to the Pro Bowl. But he hasn't done much this season. Is it because he's been injured? Has he not developed a good enough relationship with Favre? Is he just not showing enough interest to perform better? What will happen in the playoffs if teams try to double Sidney Rice, who do you think will step up? Do you feel that Berrian will eventually come around and show the same potential he showed last year? Thanks!

-- Derek G.

I don’t agree with your assessment that Berrian “hasn’t done much this season.” He’s 3rd on the team in receptions and receiving yards and he’s tied for 2nd in TD passes with 3. In Weeks 2-4 he totaled 16 receptions for 177 yards and 1 TD, and then a couple weeks later Sidney Rice had back-to-back 100-yard games against Baltimore and Pittsburgh, partially because teams were concerned with slow Berrian.

It may be true that Berrian’s injury in the preseason slowed his QB-WR relationship with Favre, but judging by that 3-game stretch I mentioned above and by the fact that he’s 3rd on the team in receptions and receiving yards, I’d say Berrian has found a nice rhythm with Favre. I think it’s clear he’s showing interest and if teams begin to double team Rice, I think Berrian will be one of a number of guys (Harvin, Peterson, Shiancoe) who will benefit and take advantage of one-on-one opportunities.

In your opinion, what position should the Vikes draft in the 1st round next year? A franchise QB? A DT for the aging Pat Williams? Or DB to solidify the S/CB positions?

-- DVM28, Blog commenter

It’s too early for us to be thinking about this! I’m still trying to wrap my arms around the NFC playoff picture, let alone what’s going to happen this offseason and in the draft. There is just so much that will happen between now and the draft that it’s really useless to speculate on what the Vikings should or could do in the draft. We don’t know who will be here and who won’t. Will Brett Favre play next year? Which free agents will re-sign? Who’s injured? There are so many material questions that we can’t possibly answer at this point.

Not really a question, just a comment. I know our playmakers and Brett Favre are getting a lot of attention for the offensive success, but how about some love for the offensive line?

-- Mary S., San Diego, CA

Well said, Mary. I agree with you, the offensive line certainly deserves credit for their job so far this season. After all, when things go poorly on offense, we are all quick to blame the offensive line. I’ve blogged about this and I’ve harped on it while on the air with Paul Allen of KFAN, but I really believe T Bryant McKinnie is having his best season under head coach Brad Childress. He’s having a Pro Bowl-type of season and I hope he is voted in by fans and his peers.

Also, if you haven’t seen any of these videos, checkout “O-Line Confidential” on It gives you an inside look at the Vikings offensive line as they do what they do best – eat.