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Posted Sep 25, 2009

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Will the Vikings use wild cat plays this year? If so, would this be a good idea to use with Tarvaris Jackson to allow Brett Favre to rest (keeping him healthy) in these kinds of plays?

-- Charity

I do think the Vikings will use a subset of plays this year where a position player, such as Percy Harvin, will take snaps – often times out of the shotgun formation. In fact, Harvin took a snap out of the gun formation in Detroit last week.

I’m not comfortable saying these plays are “wild cat” plays or the Vikings are using the “wild cat” offense, but the plays might look similar to those that we’ve seen other teams use. Also, the purpose of the Vikings using these plays will not be to rest Favre. It’s just a different look for the Vikings offense that allows the coaching staff to better utilize the talent on the roster.

Did the 49ers do something specific to the Vikings or Adrian Peterson 2 years ago that led to his poor production in that game?

-- Jim A., Duluth, MN

Jim is referring to the fact that Peterson gained just 3 yards on 14 carries against the 49ers in 2007. I can’t speak to anything San Francisco did from a schematic standpoint to slow Peterson down because I haven’t watched film of that game. I’m sure there were several specific strategies the 49ers had in place to stop him.

With that said, Peterson is a different player now. He’s learned how to run behind his offensive line and how to setup his blocks. He’s more patient and I think he’s gained a better understand for how to run in an NFL game. All of those factors combine now and reduce the chance that he’ll have another game like he had in San Francisco.

Hey Mike,

How close are the Vikings to selling out every one of their home games?
-- Greg, Medford, NJ

Greg - I'm not privy to specific numbers on individual games, but I do know that ticket sales have increased with the team's 2-0 start, the addition ofBrett Favre and the presence ofstars such as Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson. The Vikings value their season ticket owners and single-game buyers because they fill the Metrodome and provide a terrific home-field advantage on game days.

With all of that said, a variety of ticket options still remain for Vikings home games.To purchase tickets, visit the Tickets page on or call the Vikings Ticket Office at 612-33-VIKES.

Will the Vikings be throwing more deep passes this season?

-- Erin F., Pipestone, MN

The Vikings haven’t taken a lot of deep shots so far this season, but I don’t think they’ve had to, either. Peterson was dominant in Week 1 with 180 yards rushing and then against Detroit in Week 2, Favre was able to take what the defense was giving him. He completed 23 of 27 passes and the Vikings scored 27 points. At some point, yes, deeper passes will become a factor in the offense. But I don’t think the Vikings should throw deep passes just to throw them.

The deep passing game will be most effective when it’s called upon within the scope of the offense. One positive sign from the passing last week was the presence of WR Bernard Berrian. He had 0 catches in Week 1 against the Browns, but was more involved last week with 6 receptions for 46 yards.

I think the passing game will continue to evolve and will probably stretch out a little bit. But I also think that progression should and will happen within the scope of the offense. Remember, this team is paced by its ground game.