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Posted Oct 16, 2009

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Hi Mike,

First, thank you for providing the live chats on game day.I think it is a great resource for fans! What is your assessment of C John Sullivan's play so far this season?I think he has done a great job and think he is a player the Vikings need to sign in the future.

-- Jodi Root

To this point I think Sullivan has done a good job. I’ve had my eye isolated on him periodically through the first 5 games and I’ve seen some good plays and some not so good plays. For example, if you watch on Adrian Peterson’s 2nd TD run last Sunday, Sullivan was involved in a block where the Rams DT was completely and quickly taken out of the play. On the other side, I was paying particular attention to Sullivan on one play in the Cleveland game and Browns NT Shaun Rogers rushed past him for a sack. So those are just 2 isolated plays from separate games, but I think it properly illustrates the ebb and flow that’s going on with Sullivan’s play to this point.

Generally speaking, though, I think Sullivan’s done a nice job of transitioning to the starter. From a mental standpoint, there seem to be zero concerns. Now, as he goes through a full season for the 1st time as a starter, I think you’ll see him gradually improve every game while also learning some lessons along the way. I’m encouraged by his play so far.

Our 3 largest margins of victory have come against the Browns, Lions and Rams, and in those 3 games Favre’s pass attempts were in the low 20s. Against the 49ers and Packers, wins but closer wins, Favre had 31 and 46 pass attempts. Do you think there’s a correlation there?

-- Peter S., Manitoba

This is a good observation, Peter, and I do think there could be a correlation, although I don’t think it’s as direct as the numbers would suggest. To me, the Vikings are a run-first team and if Favre has fewer pass attempts than usual, that probably means the Vikings are having success running the ball.

But that’s just a surface level analysis and extension of the point Peter made in his question. To go a bit deeper, but without consulting any of the Vikings coaches or doing a bunch of research, I would suggest that completions are the more telling statistic than attempts. I say that if the Vikings total number of pass completions and rushing attempts equals somewhere between 44 and 48, then they’ll have a good mix of run and pass.