RSS Mailbag - 11/27

Posted Nov 27, 2009

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Could you please tell me how the QB ratings are calculated? Go Favre and Vikings!

-- Francis S.

The rating is actually called a “passer rating” because the calculation rates all passers, not just QBs. A complicated formula is used to compute the passer rating and the formula takes 4 main factors into account – percentage of completions per attempt, average yards gained per attempt, percentage of TD passes per attempt and percentage of INTs per attempt.

The entire formula is broken down in the 2009 edition of the NFL Record and Fact Book. I don’t have enough space right here to explain what’s written in the book, but just know that it’s based on the 4 main factors listed above.

A couple of asides here. First, I like to use this site to compute passer ratings during games. All you have to do is plug in the statistics in the appropriate places and this site will compute the rating for you. Second, and speaking of Brett Favre, he is NOT among the QBs listed as having one of the 25 best single-season passer ratings of all-time. The highest single-season rating of Favre’s career is 99.5 back in 1995. Through 10 games this season, Favre leads the NFL in passer rating with a 112.1 mark.

If you could add anything to the team right now in order to win the Super Bowl, what would you add and why?

-- Robert A., IA

Health. I know the team is fairly healthy right now, but that’s one aspect of a team that is valued as much as any other. I think this Vikings team, with all parts intact, is as talented as any team.

How will the Vikings change their defensive approach for Winfield's return, considering he won’t be 100% right away?

-- Adam G.

I guess I wouldn’t assume that Winfield won’t be 100% right away. The Vikings and Winfield have been diligent in this recovery process and they were cognizant of making sure #26 was ready to go before suiting up again.

Maybe there will be subtle changes or re-adjustments with Winfield back, but from a schematic standpoint I don’t think much changes with his return. I do think that opposing teams will change the way they play and attack the Vikings, though.

I don't feel the Vikings have peaked yet and feel they have their best football in front of them. What are your thoughts on that?

-- Terry L., California

I agree with that. Last week’s win over Seattle might have been their best complete effort of the season. But also remember it’s not a guarantee that they will play up to their potential. The reason the coaches and players are at Winter Park day-in and day-out is to push and work towards that perfect game.