Vikings Quotes - Ohio State LB Ross Homan - April 30

Posted Apr 30, 2011


Vikings Sixth Round Draft Pick Ross Homan

Q: Were you surprised the Vikings were the team to take you?

A: I really wasn’t. I didn’t have any indication of any team and once I got the call I was thrilled that it was the Vikings

Q: Did you know where you might go round-wise?

A: There was a chance that it could have been round five or six and it was round six but I really didn’t expect any one team.

Q: Do you have any idea how the Vikings may utilize you?

A:  I will do whatever they ask. They have two great linebackers Henderson and Greenway to learn from so I’m excited for the opportunity.

Q: What’s the strength of your game?

A: My instincts. I can read the play pass coverage-wise and help with the run. Hopefully I can utilize all my skills to help the team out.

Q: Five interceptions as a junior. That’s a big number for a linebacker.

A: Yeah, I guess the ball just came my way and I took the opportunity and made the play.

Q: How familiar are you with the Vikings?

A: I’m very happy. Coach Pagac is a legend at Ohio State. I know him and his son very well. Mike Singletary, his name pretty much explains itself. I’m definitely thrilled to learn under him.

Q: What’s your background with Coach Pagac?

A: He was a legend at Ohio State as a Defensive Coordinator. His son was a graduate assistant at Ohio State so he would always come back and he talked to our defense a couple times while I played there so I got to meet him a couple times.

Q: You added ten pounds after the season. Did that affect you at all in your mobility?

A: No it didn’t. I put on weight and it was all good weight. I ate healthy and just wasn’t eating fast food to try and gain the pounds. It was a gradual increase of weight and I ran a good time at the combine and felt good about all my position drills and I’ve maintained that weight.

Q: Did you primarily play on the strong side at Ohio State or how did you define those positions?

A: In our 4-3 scheme I played the Will position. Our Mike and Will are very similar.

Q: What weight are you at now?

A: I’m at 238 pounds right now.

Q: Is that something you felt like you needed to show teams that you could get your weight up?

A: Yeah, definitely. It’s kind of hard to do it during the season to gain weight but after the season I really worked at it and I feel comfortable at that weight.

Q: Did you see yourself being a good fit in the Vikings cover 2 scheme?

A: Definitely, with the 4-3 scheme which is very similar to what we ran at Ohio State. Hopefully I will be able to pick up everything very quickly.