Vikings Quotes - Musgrave and Williams - December 6

Posted Dec 6, 2012

Vikings Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

Q: Now that you know Percy Harvin is done for the season, how do you get these other receivers to step up?

A: We’ve got to keep working. The last few weeks, we haven’t had him and Jarius Wright and Stephen Burton have stepped into that role and have really done a fine job for us, so we’re going to keep working with those guys and looking to make due.

Q: Do you have any question that the other receivers can do more?

A: No, we look forward to them doing more and we look forward to doing a better job. As Leslie (Frazier) indicated, putting them in position to be more productive, whether it’s with personnel groups or formations or concepts, where we can get more production.

Q: How important is it to have a plan to get Christian Ponder going early?

A: We spend considerable time trying to get off on the right foot and we did in Green Bay on that second series, it may have been a 14-play drive and Christian spread it around, he may have gone five-for-five and that is important to get off on the right foot and get some confidence, some rhythm and be able to set some things up also for later in the game with some early successful plays.

Q: Is the disparity between the tight ends and receivers anything more than what the quarterback reads?

A: I think it depends on the defensive scheme as well, who they want to take out of the game and who they want to allow them to have a chance to be effective against their specific defense, and also where we feel our strengths are too, both in pass protection and route concept.

Q: You’ve got the best running back in football. Do you feel you’ve maximized the production of the passing game with Adrian Peterson or do you believe you can do other things to be productive?

A: Still, we’re working on being more effective, both in the passing and in the running game. We’re blocking well, Adrian’s running well, we’re doing a good job with our pre-snap penalties from last year, really eliminating them. We want to keep making strides in the ball security department and not give the defense any gifts or commit unforced errors, and then when it is time to throw it, we definitely want to be effective and efficient.

Q: The defense is working on third downs. Are you doing the same thing?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Are the errors are what is hurting you on third downs?

A: I think it’s a combination of a lot of factors. We probably need to coach better and play better, but we need to do better in those third downs. We don’t intend to be in third downs very much because we want to be very effective on first and second down. That goes without saying. All of the downs, we’re looking for more production, big improvement starting with this week so we can play these last four games at a higher level.


Vikings Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams

Today is a third down, short yardage, red zone day. The guys are definitely wired in. It’s an area that we’re looking to improve in for this ball game as well as just playing good, sound, fundamental, situational football. We’re looking to get out there today and work on those situations and see if we can improve.

Q: Because it’s only been two weeks since you last played the Bears, how much continuity are you seeing as you get into preparation this week?

A: I think there’s a lot. By this time in the season, a team is pretty much what they are. They are improving, but what they do well they’re going to look to improve on those things. We’re looking to see pretty much the same team that we saw two weeks ago. The plays that were not successful I know they’re going to work on those and see if they can execute a little bit better.

Q: Coach Frazier said they changed some of their blocking schemes. Had they done that before you played them two weeks ago or is that new?

A: Every week they have a little bit of a wrinkle. They changed it up, switch it up just a little bit. It’s basically the same play, just guys coming from different positions. We look for them to have a little bit of a wrinkle to change up the game plan, to change the checkers, but they’re going to be the same team that they are.

Q: What have you seen from them the past few weeks in their ability to keep Jay Cutler upright?

A: A little bit more boots. He’s getting the ball out a little bit quicker. It’s designed to get the ball out a little bit quicker, but he’s still the same guy in other respects that he makes them right. If a guy misses his block, if something goes wrong, he has the ability to make the play successful even when it breaks down.

Q: What are you going to do about Brandon Marshall?

A: He’s getting his catches. Everyone’s trying to put bodies on him. We have to make sure that we know where he is at all times, when he does get the ball that we get him down on the ground, that we tackle him and try to limit the big plays that he’s been having and not let him take over the ball game or wreck the ball game.

Q: How do you size up your effort against Marshall two weeks ago?

A: The overall thing is that they got enough points to win the ball game. We want to make sure that we eliminate the points and he kept the chains moving for them. It wasn’t a big flashy ball game, but it was effective for what they wanted to do and we have to find a way to limit his effectiveness.

Q: After looking at last week’s film against Aaron Rodgers, how do you size up the overall defensive effort?

A: Still not good enough. They still scored too many points. That’s what it comes down to, points scored. We’re not concerned about necessarily the number of yards. We want to be able to get off the field on third down. What I was most disappointed in was that we self destructed, in terms of the penalties. You can’t do that. The first rule of winning is don’t beat yourself and in a lot of respects, it had more to do with us than it did the Packers.

Q: How do you account for that given a lot of that is his cadence and a lot of those penalties were jumping?

A: Same old thing. You move when the ball moves. It’s that simple. When the ball moves, you move. You have to tune out the cadence, you have to tune out the gyrations and get off the ball when it moves. That’s one thing we have to do because if you don’t do that, you give them extra downs, and you give them extra chances. When you have a team that’s as good as Rodgers is and as good as they are on offense, they will make you pay if you make mistakes and they did.

Q: What’s your take on the roughing the passer call that negated an interception and do you guys have to be more careful?

A: Just control the things that we can control. That means, again, in a lot of cases they don’t even get to that point if we execute before that. I don’t look at good call, bad call, whatever, or put a value judgment on the call. I just say, ‘Hey, if we do our job in other situations, we’ll take care of that.’

Q: Looking back on the Packers long drive to start the fourth quarter, did you detect any fatal flaws during that possession or was it just a lot of things adding up?

A: One guy here, one guy there, not getting our job done, not taking care of our assignments. It builds up and when you have a team like that, if you don’t take care of your assignment on every play, they’ll make you pay. That’s one of the points of emphasis this week is every guy to do their job on every play, and again, not try to do too much. That’s one of the things I think our guys are guilty of, trying to do more than they’re supposed to do. The preaching point, the sticking point is if you do your job, that will be plenty good enough to win a ball game and to get off the field series after series.

Q: Is that hard to harness in sometimes?

A: It is, but the point is, when you look at tape and we do get off the field and we are playing good football, it is just that, guys doing their job. We’re trying to hammer that down and make sure we get that done this week.

Q: Do you feel like you can put some pressure on Cutler this week and maybe get him down?

A: With our front four and with bringing pressure, I feel good about putting pressure on anyone, not just Cutler, but anyone in the League. Our job is to make sure we mix it up and give them different looks, and, again, execute. There isn’t a perfect defense, there’s not a perfect rush, there’s not a perfect blitz. We just have to execute what we do. They’ll get some, we just have to win more than they do.

Q: What makes Antoine Winfield special against the run?

A: Just that you can’t coach it. I’d like to say that I’d like to take credit for it and Joe [Woods] would like to say the same thing, our secondary coach. He’s an instinctive player. He sees some things that other guys don’t see and reacts to it. Part of it is just want to. In the frame that he has you wouldn’t think there wouldn’t be whole bunch of want to there, but there’s huge heart in the body that he has. And experience, there’s not something that they’re going to run or teams run that he hasn’t seen over his years in the NFL. He’s has a rolodex in his head and it comes up at the perfect time.

Q: How have you seen Winfield help bring along a young secondary this year?

A: In Coach Dungy’s words it would be ‘quiet strength.’ Antoine is not someone who says a lot of stuff, but he’s a guy that says, ‘Hey, watch me, watch what I do, watch how I do it, watch how I take care of my business and that should be good enough.’ But when it’s not, in times when a guys like, ‘Well, what is Antoine doing? I’m not sure.’ He’s apt to pull a guy aside and say, ‘Hey, this why I’m doing it, this is what I’m doing, and these will be the results if you go along.’ He’s done a great job of behind the scenes being a great leader for us.

Q: Will Jared Allen practice today?

A: I’m not quite sure how much or if he’s going to practice today. Again, my philosophy is to wait and see if they get out there and if they get out there, we coach them up and if they don’t, the next man up. So we’ll see today when he gets out there, if he gets out there and see how he functions.