Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - September 7

Posted Sep 7, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Marvin Mitchell, Andrew Sendejo, Jarius Wright, those guys probably aren’t going to make it. Looks like Marcus (Sherels) is going to be fine. He should be up and going. He’s had a good couple of days here. Everybody else should be ready to go that’s available. We’ve had what I think is a good week of practice. Today was a good day, good Friday. We worked on our red zone and a review of some of the other things we had done earlier in the week and all of the guys seem to be really engaged and looking forward to opening up the season. In regards to Adrian (Peterson), nothing really new to add other than what we talked about yesterday. We’ll go back and talk as a staff when I go back in and we’ll talk again tomorrow as well but nothing new regarding him. We’ll definitely have an answer on Sunday one way or another.

Q: Is Marcus Sherels going to be the guy at punt returner?

A: Yeah, we’re going to have him as our punt returner. He’s bounced back. Glad that we have him back.

Q: If Percy Harvin is not in, he’ll be the kickoff returner also?

A: Yeah, when Percy is not returning kicks, Marcus will be our guy.

Q: Is the plan to start out Percy returning kicks like you did last year?

A: Potentially, that’s potentially what we’d do. I don’t want to commit at this point. We’ll see where things are but we definitely like some of the things he does back there for sure.

Q: Are A.J. Jefferson and Mark Asper too far behind to get in this week?

A: I think it would be tough barring something unforeseen with the other guys that have been here over the next 24 to 48 hours. Just too much ground to make up for the both of them.

Q: How have you felt about Chris Cook’s body of work here through the offseason and the preseason?

A: I think he’s done a good job. It’s unfortunate he missed that one period of time with the concussion in training camp but when he has been out there practicing, he’s practiced well. He’s done a lot of good things. I wish we could have gotten in a little bit more in the preseason for his sake as well as ours but with the time that he’s been out here, he’s done very well from the OTAs all the way through training camp and up to now.

Q: How do you feel about your secondary now compared to the secondaries you’ve gone into seasons with before as a head coach and coordinator?

A: I like our depth. This is the best quality of depth that I can remember in a number of years. The inexperience, as far as starts are concerned, you really can’t get around that. We’ve had more experience in other years, but I don’t think we’ve ever had the kind of depth that we have right now, the quality of depth. You can have people on your roster in positions but you know this is not what you want. I feel real good about what we have and now it’s a matter of our developing the guys that we do have and letting them come along and grow together. Even with Chris, he’s still young. He hasn’t had a lot of starts in our League and we have to grow him as well.

Q: How important is it to have a guy like Antoine Winfield there just because you are so young?

A: That’s a big deal. His veteran experience in the meeting room as well as on the practice field goes a long way and that was one of the things as we were going through our roster that was a major factor with Antoine. Not only is he a very good football player but he’s a very good leader, both in the classroom and on the field. It’s a big deal for young guys to be able to see someone who has actually done it and had success and model in the way he practices and the way he handles meetings and his interaction with coaches as well so it’s a big, big deal.

Q: Are you happy with where your kicker’s head is at?

A: I am. I think he’s had a good week of practice. He did a lot of good things in the preseason and this is new territory for him, opening game, at home. It’s going to be a different environment but we think he’ll be a guy who can handle it.

Q: Mike Mularkey said Bill Musgrave is a guy who thinks outside the box. Do you have any examples of when you have seen that?

A: Part of the process when we were making a determination about who was going to be the offensive coordinator when I was named head coach was looking for a guy who could be creative in his thinking from an offensive standpoint and Bill is one of those guys. Just the way he was able to use Percy last season, the many places that he placed him and to get the most out of his abilities, especially when Adrian was a little bit banged up. We didn’t have some of the weapons on offense we would have liked to have had and the way he used Toby (Gerhart) as well and our passing game, the tight ends, the things he can do creatively with tight ends. Yes, that is a part of who he is. He has a certain creativity that you need on offense and even if we get some injuries, he has a way of moving the pieces around and trying to get the most out of guys and that’s big.

Q: How much of his potential was he able to show last year?

A: It was a little bit tough. We didn’t have everything we wanted over the course of the year and then missing the offseason. It was tough. It was tough for him, tough for a lot of guys on our offensive side and this offseason, I think we’ll see a maturation of our offense because of the work we were able to have, just training camp, OTAs, phase one and phase two of the program. We are so much further ahead. Last offseason was tough, tough for him, tough for our players obviously.

Q: Are you still planning on deciding on Adrian’s status by Saturday morning?

A: We’re going to go back in and talk some. There’s no reason to make a decision before Sunday. We’re going to talk with him again tomorrow, see how he feels and we’ll make a decision.

Q: Is Erin Henderson going to call the defense with the helmet radio?

A: Yes.

Q: Any restrictions on John Carlson coming off that knee injury?

A: He had a good week this week with no restrictions so we don’t see him as a guy who will have to play with any inhibitions. We think we can just let him go and call the offense the way we would if he had gone through all of training camp.

Q: Have you made a decision on the third cornerback spot?

A: Between Brandon (Burton) and Josh (Robinson), we’re going to rotate those guys and it may end up being one of the two. We’re going to go back in and talk as a staff. The thinking is maybe one of them will end up actually being the third guy or we may end up rotating them.

Q: So both of them could get some time?

A: Both of them could get some reps, we’ll see.

Q: Which area has Matt Kalil come the furthest since April?

A: Probably just being able to work with Charlie (Johnson). That’s probably the biggest benefit for him, all the time they’ve spent together and then once we got into padded practices, to be able to communicate and work off of one another. Just being able to get more accustomed to our offense and growing in that area, but his confidence, his athletic ability, his knowledge, all of those things have been there but having a chance to work with Charlie is probably where I’ve seen the most growth going back to what we did when we were in OTAs and through training camp.

Q: Do you feel Geoff Schwartz is ready if he is pushed into a role?

A: I think he’s much more prepared now than he was, say, Monday when we began this week. He’s really come along. The conditioning part is tough. He missed so much football but physically, we think he’s where he pretty much needs to be. Mentally, he’s on top of it. It’s just the conditioning part, he’s a little bit behind.