Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - September 14

Posted Sep 14, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Little update, Marvin Mitchell is the only guy that’s a little shaky regarding the injuries. (John) Sullivan was able to go through everything today so he’ll be fine. Jarius (Wright), we’ll make a decision here over the next 48 hours, whether or not we want to try to get him up or not. We think (Andrew) Sendejo is going to definitely make it. Other than that, everybody else should be raring to go. Antoine (Winfield) made it back today which was good. He participated and did fine and I think we’ve had a good week of practice and looking forward to going on the road for the season opener for the Colts. Big day for them, big day for us as well.

Q: Do you feel A.J. Jefferson is ready to go after having him for two weeks?

A: We think he is just about there. We’re going to talk about him when we leave here but he’s made a lot of progress. Feel like he’s a lot more comfortable in what we’re asking him to do. We have a very good chance for him being able to be up.

Q: Will Marvin Mitchell be questionable and everybody else probable?

A: I think we’re probably going to end up listing him questionable. We haven’t determined that yet but he may be questionable for the game.

Q: Is Jarius Wright in a position to help at this point or is he behind right now?

A: No, not so much. He missed just the one week. He’s practiced all of this week so he’s up on the things that we’re doing and what we’re asking the receivers to do. Mentally, no, he wouldn’t be behind.

Q: How is Antoine Winfield doing emotionally?

A: That’s a hard one to answer. That’s a hard one to answer. I talked with him a little bit before practice and as I’ve said before, he’s a strong, strong individual but that’s a hard one. Outwardly, he seems to be doing fine.

Q: How close are you watching Dwight Freeney? It would be a big difference if he is not in there.

A: You’re right, Dwight Freeney, special player in our League for a long time. We’ll definitely keep an eye on whether or not he’s able to play and adjust accordingly, if he is or he isn’t. We’ll see.

Q: How did that rainy practice go the other day and what are the pros and cons of something like that?

A: I thought it went fine. We want to be outdoors as much as we can be as opposed to being on turf. As all of us know, it won’t be long until we’re in there every day. We want to delay that process as far out as we can and it turned out to be a good practice for us. The grass is fine, there were no ill effects from it.

Q: Will you keep going with pads on Thursdays for a couple more weeks?

A: That will probably be the day that we would go pads, on a Thursday if we’re able to.

Q: What have you seen out of Donald Brown when you have watched the Colts?

A: When the game was still in doubt early on, he had some good runs. He had a nice run for a touchdown, I think it was in the second quarter. He’s a good back. He has some speed, a good inside runner. We were watching the tape where the first play of the game against St. Louis, he catches a screen pass and goes about 50-60 yards. Very good speed and an elusive-type runner. We’ll have to do a good job of containing him and keeping him in a position where we can get some people around him.

Q: How did the crowd noise work go with your offensive line and the communication aspect?

A: We tried to simulate what we think will be a loud place when we get to Lucas Oil Stadium and our players handled it pretty good in practice. How we’ll do in the game when the pressure is a little bit different, you hope that we’ll handle it. We’ve tried to prepare them for that but we have to be able to handle it when we get into live situations.

Q: Would you like to see a little more crispness out of the offense right away?

A: That would be great. You’d love to, on the road, get off to a fast start and keep the crowd out of it. That would be great to see happen, but if for some reason that doesn’t happen, we have to keep playing, keep playing, and find our stride to get the job done when the day is over but we’d love to get off to a fast start all across the board as a team and kind of keep the crowd out of it, for sure.

Q: John Carlson didn’t have a lot of time in the opener. Was that due to his knee or a limited role because of the time he has missed?

A: It was more coming off the injury and yeah, you have to factor in all of the missed reps as well, but the injury definitely played a factor, but he’s gone through an entire week this week and he looks very, very good. We want to get him more involved this week. That will be the goal and we’ll see how the game goes but we feel like he is past the injury point. We were concerned going into last week’s ball game but no concerns going into this ball game.

Q: Mike Priefer said that Blair Walsh’s range is anything under 65. Would you sign off on a 64-yarder in the dome?

A: To win the game? Yes. I would. He’s shown that he can do it. He hit one off the tee in Mankato from 68 so yeah, if we were in a game situation where we needed to win it, we’d do it or no time on the clock right before the half, we’d consider it.

Q: At the end of the half would be a different situation. How far would you let him go back for that?

A: At the end of a half? If Mike says 64, I’ll take Mike at his word. 64 sounds like a good number to me.

Q: Have you ever talked to Christian Ponder about him being in the spotlight and people reading his body language and his interactions?

A: We talk to all of our players about interacting with their teammates and how we want to do things. We talk to everybody on our team about how to conduct themselves with one another and how we want to settle situations, whatever they may be and then you just hope that in the heat of the battle, when emotions are sometimes out of control, that we can find a way to control our emotions. We talk to all of our players, not just Christian.

Q: How do you balance that? You want input from your players but you also want to keep it in the context of being unconstructive.

A: Yeah, you want input from players. You want them to communicate what’s going on on the field. That’s a big deal as you’re trying to make adjustments. Some guys are more demonstrative than others. Different guys have different ways to communicate. What you don’t want is, at least what we don’t want on our team, is to see guys pointing fingers at one another. We don’t want that, but we definitely want input about what they are seeing on the field. We encourage that.

Q: How does Christian handle that adversity when things aren’t going well?

A: He’s been good throughout his time here, handling difficult situations. He’s not a guy who really attacks people or blames people. Haven’t seen that in his personality. He’s still very young, but haven’t seen that as a part of his personality.