Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - November 9

Posted Nov 9, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

How about getting a day like this, this late in November? November 9th, to have such a nice day for us to be able to come out and get some quality work. I think it really helped us from a concentration standpoint to be outside, to really focus on the things we have to get done to play well on Sunday. We had a good practice so hopefully that’ll transfer to what we have to get done on Sunday afternoon. Injury wise, Letroy [Guion] came out, he practiced, so that was good to see. We’re going to still list him as doubtful, not sure if he’ll make it or not but he still has some time so we’ll see. If he continues to make progress then we’ll get him on the field. Percy [Harvin] we’re going to list as doubtful. He wasn’t able to do anything today. He still has 48 hours, a little less than 48 hours to have a chance to continue to improve. He’ll continue to get treatment. If it comes to it, we would definitely work him out before the game to get him out there if that’s possible. We’ll see what happens but right now we’re going to list him as doubtful. Other than that, everybody else worked and we had a good overall practice as a group.

Q: Do you think it will come down to Percy Harvin having to work out before the game?
A: He’d have to make quite a bit of a recovery tomorrow for us to say, ‘Okay we’ll wait until Sunday to see what you can do.’ But it’s possible, we’ve seen it happen before. We’re going to continue to treat him and see how he feels tomorrow.

Q: You’ll have to wait until tomorrow night?
A: Exactly.

Q: Has he lost the crutches completely?
A: He’s done with the crutches which is good, so he’s making progress. We’ll see what happens over the next 24 hours.

Q: Will Jarius Wright be up either way?
A: Yes, Jarius is going to be up.

Q: How did he do going through practice this week?
A: He handled it well. We were all teasing him, ‘Are you ready for this prime time action’. He’s handled it well. His teammates have been giving him a hard time but he’s pumped up about getting a chance to get some action.

Q: What’s been his attitude through the whole thing?
A: He’s been great. He’s worked hard every day at practice, giving looks for the opposing team. He’s paying attention in meetings, staying on top of his assignments. You can see it. The fact that he’s getting ready to play in this ball game, he was in tune. He understood what we’re trying to get done in concepts; it wasn’t like starting from square one. He’s been paying attention in meetings so it’s been good for all of us.

Q: How much was Letroy Guion able to do?
A: He moved around a little bit in some of the drills that we had. Just to be able to get a feel for where he was so we kind of gauged on the probability on him maybe playing. We got an idea of where he is. Now it’s just a matter of how much he improves tomorrow and before Sunday.

Q: Will Fred Evans be the guy then?
A: Yes, Fred will get the start.

Q: John Carlson with no issues throughout the week coming off the concussion?
A: No issues, he’s had a good week. No setbacks so he’ll definitely be up barring any unforeseen thing between now and Sunday. He’s done well, he’s done well.

Q: Has Adrian Peterson been limited at all after the illness?
A: No, he felt pretty good. That 24-hour virus, he came back this morning, he was fine, did everything in practice. He’s good to go.

Q: If Percy can’t go, will Marcus Sherels be the guy on kickoff returns?
A: Yes, Marcus is the next guy if Percy isn’t able to return.

Q: How valuable is it to have a guy like Allen Reisner who’s seems pretty detailed when he gets opportunities?
A: You’re right, he is a detailed guy. That’s the luxury of having a guy like that who pays attention, even though he may not be up a particular week. We know even on a Saturday if something were to happen, he’s paid attention throughout the week. He prepares like a pro, like he should. It’s good to have a young guy who understands the importance of being a professional. When he gets a chance to step in he gets it done well. He’s been good.

Q: Have you ever had a player who him and his wife might have a baby on a Sunday, have you ever had to handle that?
A: We had a situation like that with Joe Berger just a few weeks ago where he thought that might happen with him. It ended up his wife had the baby maybe after the game, maybe that Monday or Tuesday. We we’re prepared for the possibility of maybe not having Joe for one of our games but as it turned out things worked out well.

Q: Would you leave that up to the player, there’s no direction you’d give them?
A: Definitely, no, no. All of us that have kids, we know the importance of if Dad can be there, you want Dad there. I know my wife appreciated my being able to be there.