Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - November 30

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Just thought it was a good spirited Friday practice. Our guys really seem to be focused on going up to Lambeau and hopefully playing our best game of the season. That’s our goal. Everybody practiced today with the exception of Percy (Harvin). We’re going to list him as doubtful for the game but everybody else participated and we should be ready to go. Tough task going on the road but we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Q: Is Percy going to travel?

A: We’ll see. I’ll talk with him when I go back inside and see where he is and talk to our trainers as well.

Q: Was he able to do anything today?

A: He did some drills catching the football but not the cutting that we’d like to be able to see so when we talk inside, I’ll learn a little bit more.

Q: What’s the biggest restriction for him as he is moving around?

A: It seems like the ability to push off and change direction, seems to be giving him a little bit of trouble.

Q: Has he had setbacks at any point? You were confident he could get back after the bye.

A: Yeah I was. No real setbacks, just hasn’t made the improvement that we had hoped.

Q: Do you second guess your decision to send him back out and play in Seattle after being injured?

A: Not at all, no.

Q: What is the thought process at that time when he comes off the field with the ankle injury and then goes back out there?

A: He felt like he could go back in and participate and he did. He finished the game. That was the thought process.

Q: How did Kyle Rudolph come through the week with the shoulder injury and concussion?

A: He’s done well, really picked it up yesterday and he had a good practice today. Really hasn’t shown any residual effects from either the shoulder or the concussion. He’s practiced well in the two days he has been out.

Q: Were both of those injuries from the hit by Lance Briggs?

A: I’m not sure if the shoulder was from that hit. I’m not sure about that.

Q: What have you appreciated most about Antoine Winfield’s contributions this year?

A: The obvious is his leadership and, of course, what he’s done on the field. He’s made a lot of plays for us this season, stayed healthy, but the way he has rallied with the young guys has really helped our secondary to improve and just having him around and participating, as opposed to a year ago, he missed so much time. Just his presence in the meeting rooms and the locker room, that’s a big deal for our football team.

Q: The young guys really respect what he can teach them?

A: Oh yeah, they gravitate to him. So much knowledge and the way he prepares and whether it’s film study or taking notes in the classroom, he is a good example for our young players.

Q: As a former player in this Division who played at Lambeau Field, do you still get excited about going there?

A: I do. I told our players, really excited about this opportunity, there’s so much tradition and history when you talk about Lambeau Field and for our football team and the importance of this football game, there’s a lot to get excited about and that should be our mindset. It’s a chance for us to really go up there and do something that would be good for our team in this 2012 season.

Q: You have made very few moves on the 53-man roster this season. Is that indicative of the confidence this organization has in this group of guys?

A: That, and our depth is probably better than it’s been in a long time and we’ve got a lot of young players in backup roles and even in some starting roles. You really want to develop the young players that we have that we do have a lot of confidence in, so it’s a little bit different than, say, years past here.

Q: Is it a positive that you’re not moving those bottom five roster spots?

A: I think so. Over time that will tell, but we think the young guys that we have, that we want to develop, we don’t want to let those guys out the door. Time will tell if we’re right on that.

Q: Overall, where has Jarius Wright grown?

A: I think he’s definitely gaining confidence. You can see it in practice. We’re relying on him a little bit more in some of the things we’re doing. We’re actually putting in some plays directly for him because of the confidence that he’s shown and the confidence we’ve developed in him, but probably the biggest thing is that area, the confidence, and his route running has improved. We’re not asking him to do a lot of things route running-wise but you can see the improvement in some of the things he’s doing. The next step will be for him, because we run the ball so well and we count on our receivers to block, that phase of his game coming along, but that will come over time.