Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - November 2

Posted Nov 2, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Just got through talking with two of the all-time greats, Coach Burns and Lou Nanne. They’re great supporters of our organization and our team. I traded some stories with them. They’re fun guys to be around and very supportive of what we’re trying to do. Injury-wise, John Carlson didn’t participate. Obviously, he’ll be out for this ball game. Adrian [Peterson] didn’t participate, but that was on more of a precautionary note from our standpoint. He’ll be ready to go on Sunday. We just wanted to give him a little rest prior to the game. Percy [Harvin] was back so that was good and everybody else participated. Should be in pretty good shape. As I mentioned earlier in the week, it’s a tough environment. We’re going to have to play extremely well, but we’re looking forward to the challenge of trying to get a win on the road.

Q: So Adrian Peterson is just in doing some rehab work?

A: Yep, he did some pool work and different rehab.

Q: Was it still the ankle?

A: Yes.

Q: Was there something earlier in the week that had you think he should sit out for this practice?

A: He was a little sore on Wednesday and did alright yesterday. We were talking this morning and decided why not get some rest and get some treatment. He should be fresher come Sunday. He knows everything we have in the game plan. He’s pretty sharp on the things we were doing on Wednesday and Thursday and even Monday, so he should be fine.

Q: Do you consider resting players more right now because you haven’t had your bye week yet?

A: Yeah, we do consider that. Antoine Winfield is another guy that we took some reps off of today. You know where we are in the season and what we have to get done and want to make sure our guys are fresh. Certain guys need to be fresh come Sunday and as long as they get the things down mentally that they have to get down.

Q: Is there a fear right now with John Carlson that his injury might linger long term?

A: I’m hoping not. I’m hoping that we’ll hear some good news when we come back next week. We would like to get him going. We want to get him involved in our offense. We think he can really help us and I’m hoping of his sake as well as ours. Concussions are a touchy, touchy matter and we’re concerned about his health and hopefully we’ll have good news next week.

Q: Has he mentioned to you how he’s feeling?

A: Yeah. He’s just not quite there yet. They’re still taking him through all the different tests they have to do but he’s not there yet.

Q: Have you named a starter at the second cornerback position yet?

A: Probably, right around – what time do we play? Three central? That’s probably when we’ll announce that. Right around that time of the day.

Q: Are you strategically holding that out?

A: Yes.

Q: So you know who it it’s going to be?

A: Pretty clear at this point. Pretty clear.

Q: Any indication on how much time Mistral Raymond might get?

A: He’s making progress. Still a little bit concerned about his conditioning. He did some good things but you can tell that he needs some time as far as being able to start or not start. I don’t think it will be he’s at a point where we can start him in a game yet, but physically he’s doing much better. He’s gone through the week pretty good. We’ll make a decision here pretty soon on what we want to do with him but encouraged by his progress this week.

Q: If you are able to play him, would it be on a series-by-series basis or more passing downs?

A: I don’t know if we’d do it purely by passing downs. We’d probably do it by series if we did it. I don’t think we’d look at it if it was third-and-whatever, we’d probably do it by series.

Q: Do you feel he is still the starter when he gets back?

A: Yeah, Jamarca [Sanford] has done a great job for us but when we feel like he’s ready to do it full-time, we’ll decide whether or not we want to rotate those guys or if Mistral is in there full-time, but Jamarca has done enough to where we want to pay attention to him. We want to see how he plays again this weekend when he’s in there, but he’s done a good job.

Q: At this point, can we assume no 53rd spot will be filled?

A: Not yet, no. Obviously we didn’t do anything at the trade deadline but we could easily go into this game with 52. It wouldn’t hurt us at this point and if we added a guy at 53, wouldn’t be problem either.

Q: Are you pretty sure that will happen next week? I assume you wouldn’t want to go an extended period like that?

A: No, we wouldn’t. We wouldn’t want to go an extended period with 52 when we can use that roster spot, so we’d do something shortly.

Q: How is Joe Webb handling not being on the field these first eight games?

A: He’s been great. We talked to him extensively about his role going into the season and he’s accepted his role. You’re right, Joe is an upbeat guy and he’s continued to be that way through practice and meetings. He’s a terrific young man and a credit to him accepting his role, because he’s a talented player.

Q: You attempted to get him on the field last season in the ‘Blazer’ package. Was your thinking this offseason that you didn’t want to disrupt Christian’s rhythm by putting that into the game?

A: That was definitely part of the discussion, not the determining factor, but it was a part of the discussion and the fact that we’re not dressing three guys as opposed to what we’re doing this year with two, that factored in as well, so there was some contributing factors that we talked about going into the season.

Q: Do you anticipate giving Toby Gerhart a little more work with Adrian’s ankle?

A: We want him to be our workhorse guy but we’re going to work Toby in there at some point. What those numbers will be will be determined by how the game is going, but we’re going into thinking that Adrian is going to get the workload, the majority of the workload.