Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - December 7

Posted Dec 7, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

It was good to have everybody back on the practice field today. Having Jared [Allen] out there, Adrian [Peterson] at full participation. I think all our guys are looking forward to this ball game for obvious reasons. We’ve had a good week of practice and now it’s a matter of continuing what we have to get done from a mental standpoint but physically, we’re in pretty good shape. It should be quite a contest. Looking forward to playing in front of our fans at Mall of America Field and just having that place rocking. It should be a good day.

Q: Is everybody going to be probable from the injury report?
A: Yes.

Q: Any concern with Jared Allen once he starts banging around a little bit that there may be a reoccurrence with the back spasms and shoulder?

A: Nothing that our trainers have told me that I have to be concerned about. They think with the treatment he’s got this week and the way he performed today in practice, he should be fine. Now that doesn’t mean something couldn’t happen but they haven’t warned me that that’s a possibility.

Q: Have you been able to judge what resting Antoine Winfield has done for him this year?

A: I think it’s really helped. When you look at the fact that he’s still playing at a high level this late in the season and you consider what has happened in the past, we’ve taken a different approach with him. I think it’s worked out to our benefit. It’s great to have him on the field, in the meetings, playing in games and playing well. The rest, I think, has to have played a major part in that.

Q: How do you judge when to do that with a veteran; would Jared Allen be a guy you do that with?

A: Sure. Not only with Jared but Kevin Williams is another guy. Obviously Adrian [Peterson], because of coming back from injury and playing as hard as he’s been playing. With some of those veterans who have a number of years in our League, you want to kind of keep an eye on how they’re practicing, the number of reps they’re getting. You’re trying to get the most out of them on Sunday so you do have to be conscious of putting a lot of reps on them, especially if you expect a lot from them in a ball game.

Q: Are you thinking you still might make a move on the 53 or at this stage in the week is that not going to happen?

A: We’ll end up doing something at some point. It’s just a matter whether it’s today or tomorrow or next week, but we will do something with that 53rd spot.

Q: At receiver more than likely?

A: Possibly. We’re going to be looking at receivers of course and just seeing if that’s the right thing to do. Or do we look at another position as well?

Q: What has Chris Summers shown you in practice?

A: He’s done a real good job. He’s really improved from the time we’ve gotten him. Our coaches have talked about him in a positive way all the way throughout. George Stewart has raved about him, Bill Musgrave. He’s done a good job so we’re really pleased with some of the things he’s done.

Q: Is he a consideration for promotion?
A: He’s a consideration.

Q: What does he bring?

A: His size is probably his biggest asset. Don’t want to talk too much about him, he’s on our practice squad and people are taking guys off your practice squad now. Don’t want to build him up too much. His size is probably his biggest advantage.

Q: Are you planning on going with Jamarca Sanford as your starter or any consideration with Mistral Raymond?

A: I think we’ll continue to start Jamarca for now and have Mistral coming in the rotation. That’s been working out pretty good and we’ll continue that this week as well.

Q: Is that the plan for the rest of the year?

A: I would say for this ball game and then we’ll reassess it when we come back on Monday.

Q: At right guard, same situation with Brandon Fusco starting?

A: Yes and rotating Geoff [Schwartz] in.

Q: What was your overall take on your pressure on Jay Cutler in the last game, does it have to be better?

A: Yeah, we have to do a few things a little bit differently. We want to get more hits on them even if we can’t get the sacks. They have obviously changed their passing attack, it’s not the one that we saw before we played them. They really shortened up some routes and some drops as well. It’s a smart move on their part, I think they gave up one sack against Seattle as well. They’ve done some things to help their offensive line so we have to try to counter that in some way. We need to figure out a way to make the quarterback uncomfortable. What they’ve done strategically has made it a little bit more difficult but we have to figure out a way to get it done.

Q: With Brandon Marshall, is there anything more you can do?

A: I tell you, it’s tough, we had guys in good position. Their quarterback did a good job of fitting in some tight spaces. But they’re going to target him a bunch of times. He’s going to get some catches. We just can’t give up the explosive plays and hopefully not the game changing plays. We’re so close, you’d like to hope that those things are going to weight out in our favor coming home, I’m hoping.

Q: Are they still able to do the short passes and change their offense to that degree if they’re in third-and-long?

A: That’s the goal. You sound like you’ve been in our staff meetings, because we have to get them in more third-and-longs. That is one of our goals. That short passing game, it’s very effective when you keep it in manageable situations. We have to get them to more third-and-longs.

Q: At what point do they go away from that; third-and-eight or ten? Has anyone got them in that situation since they made these changes?

A: Seattle got them there a few times last week and it helped them. They’re very good in that third-and-two to six, as least they have been in the last couple of weeks. We have to get them in a little bit longer yardage situation and try to have a chance to rush.

Q: What did you see that was better in your run defense at Green Bay?

A: Even in the Chicago game they averaged like 2.9. Our run defense, guys are doing the things they need to do. They’re bending the gaps, they’re running to the ball, they’re tackling better. They have to do it this week. These guys can run the ball, they have a good running back in Forte. Bush is still giving them something as well, especially in short yardage. All the things you have to do to play good run defense, being gap sound and tackling and getting everybody running to the ball.