Vikings Quotes - Leslie Frazier - December 28

Posted Dec 28, 2012

Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier

Good afternoon. Adrian [Peterson] was able to get some work so that was a positive for us. He moved around very well so looking forward to having him out there on Sunday. We held Antoine [Winfield] out, we did some things on the side with him and we think he’s going to be fine when game time rolls around. Brian Robison has improved, we still want to check out some things when we go back inside and we’ll make a decision between now and Sunday, but he’s much improved. We just have to go through some things when we get back inside. Marvin Mitchell was absent as well today, he had an illness so we kept him at home, so he didn’t participate. Everybody else should be raring to go. Guys have practiced well this week, looking forward to getting in front of our fans at Mall of America Field. Hope that place is noiseeeyyy. It can be disruptive to their offense, I’m hoping. It should be a great atmosphere for our team and we’re really looking forward to it for a lot of reasons. Big challenge for our football team, but we’re looking forward to it.

Q: Is Brian Robison going to be listed as questionable?

A: Yes, we’re going to list him, him and Antoine [Winfield] both.

Q: Everyone else is probable?
A: Yes

Q: What do you need to see out of Brian Robison tomorrow to be certain that he can play?
A: I really want to get inside and talk with him a little bit and see how felt. We put him through some more things today. I had Brendan Daly, our D-line coach, take him through a little bit more, so I want to see when I got back inside how he feels and just talk to him some. Then we’ll come back tomorrow and see how sore he is, or lack of soreness, and make a decision.

Q: So it’s more up to him?
A: Yeah, I want to hear what he has to say.

Q: Do you have a feel with what you’ll do with Antonie Winfield’s hand to keep it protected?
A: We’re going to wrap it and they’re going to have a protective padding over it, so that’s going to help him. He showed me today that he can grip with it, feel like he’ll be able to tackle, do what he has to do.

Q: Has there been anything this week that’s made you less optimistic about Antoine playing on Sunday?
A: No, no I think he’ll make it. Just being cautious today, but I think he’ll be ready.

Q: The veterans have all talked about the message they gave after the loss in Green Bay about opportunities to make the playoffs don’t come around that often; how did that message get through to the younger guys?
A: I think it obviously resonated with our players. Jared [Allen] talked with them, I told you guys this before, Jared with them, Zygi [Wilf] came in and talked to them. For the young guys who have never been in this situation, and we have a bunch of first and second year guys playing for our team, I guess just to hear veteran players talk about their experience and how guys can play an entire career and never get this close to the playoffs. You hear that from guys who have achieved a lot in this League like a Jared, an Antoine [Winfield], a Kevin [Williams] or an Adrian [Peterson], it has to resonate to some degree and it obviously has with our guys.

Q: With that atmosphere you’re expecting on Sunday, is there something you look for to know that the younger guys can handle that moment?
A: We’ve been through quite a few things this year, in particular in this month of December, where you feel like your back is against the wall. So you would think playing at home with the energy that we thrive off of from our fans should really be a positive. I don’t have any reservations about our team or our young guys being able to handle the atmosphere of the situation. There’s a comfort level in playing in front of our fans at home and I think we’ll feed off of that energy. It’s just a matter of if we’re a good enough team to get it done.

Q: Any concern that you might have to limit the number of carries with Adrian Peterson like you did at the end of the Houston game?
A: We’ll know a little bit more when we go through some of the pregame and talking with him after practice briefly there, he feels pretty good, feels better than he did Friday at this time. I don’t think we have to go into it thinking about limiting his carries or anything like that. I think we go full speed ahead, that’s what he wants, that’s what our doctors are telling me. He’s ready to go.