Vikings Quotes - Greg Childs Talks About Being A Viking - April 28

Posted Apr 28, 2012

Vikings Fourth Round Pick Greg Childs

Q: Greg, are you and Jarius a package deal everywhere you go?

A: I guess you could say that.  I’ve known Jarius Wright since the third grade, so we’ve been cool since then.  We talked about this one day, what if we end up going to the same NFL team.  It would be crazy, we’ve been together through elementary school, middle school, junior high, high school, same college team, and now we are moving on in life and we still are going to the same team together.

Q: What is in the water down there?

A: I don’t know, something very special. 

Q: He took all your catches last year while you were injured.

A: You know that’s fine, I wouldn’t have it any other way except for him to get them while I wasn’t 100%. 

Q: How do you feel now?  Are you 100% now?

A: I feel great.  During my pro day I had the fast 40 that everyone wanted, the fast three-cone, the fast shuttle, you saw the routes.  It all felt really good.  

Q:  Can you describe what your injury was this last year?

A: In October 2010, I tore my patella tendon.  It was a complete tear, and it takes about a year and half to get it completely right. I came back to the team in about six or seven months, which was too soon. 

Q: How do you think that impacted your draft standing?

A:  It affected it a lot.  Before I got injured I was projected very high.  There weren’t too many guys that were necessarily better receivers than me. 

Q: What do you think about coming to Minnesota and the Vikings in general?  Do you know much about the team?

A:  I don’t know too much.  I talked to them a couple times before the whole thing kicked off today.  I know they are a great team.  I know that Coach Stewart is from Arkansas, so we got some things in common there.  I have a former teammate that plays for the Vikings right now in DeMarcus Love, who came out of Arkansas last year, so it’s going to be good to see some familiar faces. 

Q: What would describe as your strengths?

A: Overpowering the defender.  Making plays on the ball, catching the ball at its highest point.  Basically put, I’m just a playmaker.

Q: What aspects of your game do you need to work on in the NFL?

A:  I feel like you can always work on all aspects of your game.  You can never be too good at one spot; you always need to keep improving.  You just need to keep on getting it done with everybody else.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge for you in getting back to full strength?

A:   Having the time to allow my injury to completely heal.  Being 70% and still going full speed.  Just having enough to time to let it heal up properly, and let it continue to get stronger. 

Q: Where did you usually line up at Arkansas?  And where do you see yourself lining up at the next level?

A:  I lined up all over the place, inside, outside receiver.  In Minnesota I’m here to do it all.  I can play any position, I’ll play any position they put me at.  I’m going to learn the whole playbook so I can play every position.  I’m just ready to get out on the field and compete.