Vikings Quotes - Childress - August 30

Posted Aug 30, 2010

MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010              

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress

The guys got a chance to get back and have a look at the extended work they got in the game. The other night, thought of correctable stuff; it was good to see Percy Harvin in there and Greg Camarillo show up in terms of the offense as far as our concern. Defensively, I thought our defense did some good things. That was our first interception of the preseason, so it’s good to be able to set up seven points there. Story of the game was 10 points off turnovers for them, seven points for us off turnovers.

Q: Was Rhys’ Lloyd’s kickoff performance a disappointment on Saturday?

A: That would be the intent is that you would want touchbacks to occur.  We had 110 kickoffs last year; it’s the most violent play in football. Obviously, if two-thirds of the time you can be able to not have to see a return, that would be the objective of that. It’s got to be a consistent thing.

Q: Is there an adjustment that can be made by Rhys?

A: Two or three miss hits in the four or five tries he had.

Q: What are you seeing that has Tarvaris at number two and Sage at the number three QB spot?

A: Right from the first day of training camp, I’ve seen an evolution. I’ve seen a growth in Tarvaris. Not that I haven’t seen it from Sage. He’s been the beneficiary of having that extended time, where he was able to flash. We only kept the one’s in for that one series against St. Louis. Obviously Brett was here. I thought that Tarvaris played decently in the snaps that he got against San Francisco. But really it’s the day-to-day thing. You can say “Well, it’s about the games.” We give them opportunities based on what we see in practice.

Q: Can anything change in the QB order?

A: Anything can change. It would probably be hard for it to change.

Q: Are Toby Gerhart and Albert Young still competing for the backup RB job?

A: I think it will be by week and who we are facing and what exactly we need out of a second running back. If you remember last year, there were a number of games where we didn’t have a third running back up and from time-to-time that will happen when maybe we need another tight end up or need another rush guy. So those guys are 2 and 2/A.

Q: What are your impressions on how Chris Cook did?

A: I thought he did all right. I thought he particularly showed up on one of those screens. I thought he gave a nice foot wiggle on the lineman pulling on one of those run plays. I thought he showed up on terms of his tackling as well as his coverage. I didn’t think he had a lot of opportunities but I thought he did a nice job with some of his re-routes.

Q: With a short week, will you be extra cautious with guys like Toby and Chris Cook?

A: Those two, notwithstanding, we’ve got shoulder pads on today. A lot of the time we get just as much out of these guys with shoulder pads and had some extended work today. We will go to shells tomorrow and obviously they have to play a game on Thursday. It’s a tough one on their bodies and I’m aware of that.

Q: Will you have Anthony Herrera play more center on Thursday?

A: I don’t know about more or less. I’m trying to remember exactly what his snaps were like at the guard position. I may not have him play at all in there. I may just have a look at all of the other candidates.

Q: Is Anthony Herrera likely to play against the Saints or do you like what Jon Cooper is doing?

A: Just depends. We’ve got three guys in there rolling, which we need to make sure that we have three viable candidates. Then we’ve got Ryan Cook, who also has the ability to go in there. It’s just like everything on offense; we are still in a state of change.

Q: How will you gauge the starters snaps on Thursday?

A: By how we practice here today and tomorrow.

Q: How many practices do you think John Sullivan would need to be ready to play?

A: It’s hard to hazard a guess. Really, when you talk about any position, how long does it take for a quarterback to come in, how long does it take Percy Harvin to get in football shape? As many as you can get, let’s put it that way. Then you make a decision if we are better off to go with someone else or put him in there.

Q: John Sullivan was out here at practice all last week. Was he just not quite where he needs to be at this point?

A: We are just trying not to load it up too much. We’re still trying to get some of the soreness out.

Q: How do you feel about your depth on the offensive line?

A: The reality of it is we kept seven last year and at times, eight. Chances are we’ll only go with seven in a game. Are we a full two-deep? No, we’re not a full two-deep. We’ve got enough right now. We don’t want to be greedy; we just want our share.

Q: What are your thoughts on Greg Camarillo?

A: He’s got a great ability to work a zone. I saw him work a little bit against man-to-man here this morning. He’s a good football player and he understands route concepts. He doesn’t have them all down rope right now, but he understands what’s happening with the next guy inside and the next guy inside. I think he’ll be a valuable guy, being able to swing all across the board before it’s over.