TCF Bank Stadium FAQs

Posted Dec 18, 2010

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears
Monday, December 20, 2010 – 7:30 p.m.

TCF Bank Stadium Fast Facts

1) There will be three main parking options.
-- Football fan parking (public parking in an attended facility) will be available throughout campus.
-- Fans can park in downtown parking lots and take the Metro Transit 16/50 bus to campus.
-- Fans can park in the St. Paul Fairgrounds Lot 108 and take the University shuttle to the stadium.
-- Check for additional details and directions.

2) Williams Arena will provide pre-game hospitality on Monday afternoon.
-- ESPN and NFL Network will be shown on in-arena monitors and concessions will be available.

3) Free coffee courtesy of Caribou Coffee will be available as fans enter the stadium and complimentary hand warmers courtesy of Mall of America will be distributed.  

4) The Vikings will utilize 84 entry points at TCF Bank Stadium instead of the 60 typically used for a Gophers home game.

5) There will be 3,000 standing-room-only spots made available in the open end zone plaza area overlooking the field.

6) The “50 Greatest Vikings” will be recognized at halftime.

7) Blankets and seat cushions will be allowed in the stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I elect to attend the game instead of sending in my tickets for a refund and then I am turned away at the gates because the stadium reaches capacity?

We are very confident that all fans who want to attend will be able to enter the stadium. With that said, anyone that is not allowed entry into the game due to capacity restrictions will be eligible for a refund of the face value of the ticket in their possession. Refund instructions will be provided on site. We will have Vikings Ticket Office personnel at the stadium ready to assist anyone who is turned away at the gates, but again, we are very certain all ticket holders who want to attend will be able to enter.

With fans lining up outside the stadium before the gates open, will entry into the stadium be organized and secure?

For Gophers games at TCF Bank Stadium, 60 entry points are utilized. We are working with the NFL Special Events team and currently we've created - at a minimum - 84 entry points. As part of the entry process, we will queue upper and lower level tickets in separate areas. It will be an organized and smooth process for fans attending the game. We understand that this is a concern for all of our fans and we're making it a top priority as we work toward game night.

What time do the gates open on Monday night?
Fans with 100-level tickets can begin entering the stadium at 5:00 p.m. while fans with 200-level tickets can begin entering at 5:30 p.m.

Will people with lower level tickets be allowed to use upper level seats if the lower bowl fills up? How will fans be ensured a seat once they’ve entered the stadium?
The ratio of lower and upper level seats is virtually the same in both stadiums, so we feel this will not be an issue. In addition, we have 3,000 standing room only spots in the open end zone plaza inside the stadium. Also, all tickets will be scanned with hand-held devices from Ticketmaster, which will allow us to keep an exact count and not over-admit fans into the stadium.

Where should fans park and how much parking space will be available?
-- Detailed parking information, including parking and street maps, can be found by clicking here.
-- Fans are encouraged to use public transportation to and from TCF Bank Stadium.
Additional Metro Transit routes have been added to compensate for increased traffic demands.
There will be on-campus parking available but it will be limited. There will also be additional parking available on both the east and west banks of the Minneapolis campus.
Fans can park at the State Fairgrounds or on the St. Paul campus and utilize buses and shuttles to and from the stadium.

Will tailgating be allowed?
Due to the parking limitations, the University of Minnesota conducting Final Exams and the short time frame of which to deal with snow removal, tailgating will not be permitted in any on-campus parking lot.

Is consideration being given to handicapped individuals who have tickets to the game and won’t be able to navigate the crowds as swiftly?
We are sensitive to these concerns and we are working to put a plan in place that will ensure a positive experience for everyone who attends the game. Here is the initial ADA policy for this game:

Will this be a safe environment for fans and players given the unfamiliarity of the stadium and game day protocols?
The safety of our fans is first and foremost in all of our considerations. We will have an organized system for entering the stadium and have increased security and usher staffs over a normal Vikings game. We're working with the NFL, the University of Minnesota security staff and local law enforcement to ensure a safe and effective strategy on game night.

What amenities are being provided to fans before the game?
Williams Arena, located across the street from TCF Bank Stadium, will be used as a pre-game hospitality space for fans before lines form outside of TCF Bank Stadium. ESPN and NFL Network will be shown on the monitors and concession stands will be open inside Williams Arena. Also, Caribou Coffee has agreed to provide free coffee to fans as they enter the stadium and Mall of America will be distributing complimentary hand-warmers.

Are fans permitted to bring cold-weather items, such as blankets and seat cushions into the stadium?
Yes, blankets and seat cushions will be allowed into the stadium, as will other cold-weather gear that is appropriate and suitable for an outdoor football game. As is the case with any Vikings game or other sporting event at TCF Bank Stadium, all items must pass through security checks.

If seating is General Admission and I have to leave my seats to use the bathroom or concessions stands, do I lose my seat(s)?
We hope fans respect the situation we are in and respect their fellow Vikings fans sitting next to them. We hope Minnesota Nice prevails and people use good judgment.

Will alcohol be available for purchase inside the stadium?
This is a complicated issue and not one that is easily resolved in this short of a time frame. Given the number of logistics that needed to be handled, the team and the University could not resolve the issue before Monday night and alcohol will not be sold.

Will FanVision be available on Monday night?
Unfortunately TCF Bank Stadium has not been wired for FanVision, so no need to bring it with you.