Power Rankings Roundup: Vikings Rise

Posted Oct 1, 2013

We cruise around the interweb to see where various sites and experts have the Vikings slotted in their weekly power rankings...


24. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 26th) - Against at least eight defenders in the box, Matt Cassel was 7-of-10 for 77 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Continuing to produce against front-loaded defenses could change everything for the Vikings.

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26. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 28th) - Either of the teams that played in Super Bowl IX could have beaten either of the teams that showed up in London on Sunday.

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23. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 27th) - Well, we got our definitive answer on quarterback Christian Ponder, and got it while he was on the sideline. Mediocre Matt Cassel brought life to the offense, something Ponder hasn't been able to do.

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26. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 27th) - Minnesota is back in the win column and -- thankfully -- Greg Jennings is back to being involved in an NFL offense. Jennings has been so absent this season that your hack of a writer nearly dropped him from his fantasy team. Jennings' line from London was stellar: three catches for 92 yards and two scores. That's more bang for the buck than the Vikings had been receiving from the $17.8 million they guaranteed Jennings back in March.

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FOX Sports / Brian Billick

26. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 30th) - So the Vikings receivers had their best outing of the season and so did Adrian Peterson. Does that Matt Cassel earn another start?

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Associated Press

25. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 28th)

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CBS Sports

24. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 28th) - Matt Cassel should be the guy going forward. He gives them the best chance to win. But they are sticking with Christian Ponder.

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USA Today

26. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 29th) - Vikings re-enter country having to declare season-long QB controversy.

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