New Vikings Stadium Q&A: Groundbreaking, Super Bowl Hosting, Local Materials and More

Posted Jul 11, 2013

Vaughn Hanson - When stadium groundbreaking occurs, will Purple Lots 1-3 be compromised? And will DomePlus Souvenirs be closed?

The answer to both questions is no. When stadium groundbreaking takes place this fall, construction will begin on the east side of the site next to 11th Avenue South. Fans will continue to enjoy tailgating on Purple Lots 1, 2 ad 3 throughout the 2013 NFL season. As for DomePlus Souvenirs, that building is not located within the stadium footprint and this project will have no impact on the store's location.

Nate Faust - Do you think this new stadium will host a Super Bowl in the future? If so, when?

Yes, we strongly believe this stadium will host a future Super Bowl and are designing it in a way to accommodate the big game. This past May, Super Bowl 50 in 2016 was awarded to San Francisco and Super Bowl 51 in 2017 was awarded to Houston. We have submitted an early bid to host a Super Bowl in the subsequent years of 2018, 2019 or 2020 and have begun discussions with Meet Minneapolis, Convention & Visitors Bureau, in order to assemble a more comprehensive formal bid that will be presented to the NFL in 2014. 

Daniel Jones - Will there be an emphasis on using local materials when available?

From day one a top priority for both the Vikings and the MSFA has not only been to build the best multi-purpose stadium in the country but also to have a positive impact for Minnesota companies and workers. Without being required by legislation, HKS, the Vikings and the MSFA brought on nearly 20 Minnesota companies or individuals as design sub-consultants in areas like interior and exterior design, landscaping, structural engineering and more. The construction manager Mortenson Construction is based in Golden Valley, MN, and the nearly 4.3 million work hours will go primarily to Minnesota construction workers. But to answer your specific question regarding materials, yes, whenever possible, local materials will be used throughout this project. For example, the glass and glazed curtain walls on the stadium’s exterior may be manufactured by a Minnesota-based company. Other local products like kasota stone may be used for exterior signage or security perimeters, and with various interior design elements and needs we will ensure that Minnesota companies have the opportunity to bid on this project.

Court Winjum - As a Season Ticket Owner I am very interested in finding out where my seats will be. When do you foresee that happening?

Seat pricing and locations have not been established at this point. The sales process will likely begin after the 2013 NFL season, but our goal is to develop a fair system that ensures Season Ticket Owners will have priority for seats at the new stadium. Each current Mall of America Field Season Ticket Owner who maintains season tickets during the Vikings seasons at TCF Bank Stadium will have priority for seats at the new stadium. The Vikings will also establish a waitlist where fans who are not current Season Ticket Owners will be placed based on availability once STOs have selected their seats.

Tom Klusmann - Will the Vikings create a web site to exclusively cover the construction of the new stadium?

Yes, the team will have either an exclusive web site or a new stadium-only portion of that will be developed further this fall. The site will include new stadium images, videos and Q&A documents, as well as regular updates on the construction process. Fans will also be able to work through the ticketing/seating process from that site at the appropriate time.

The team will also open a stadium preview center at a to-be-determined date where Vikings Season Ticket Owners and others will be able to see and feel the new stadium. This preview center will be adjacent to the stadium and will allow every STO an opportunity to meet face-to-face with a personal sales consultant to discuss benefits and seating options at the new stadium.