New Vikings Stadium News & Notes - March 19

Posted Mar 19, 2014

Preview Center is a Hot Commodity

The New Stadium Preview Center, which opened to Vikings Season Ticket Members in early March, has immediately garnered the attention of the fan base. Currently approximately 45 appointments are being scheduled per day from fans in Zone 1, with the vast majority of visits leading to purchases. Zone 2 fans are tentatively scheduled to begin their appointments at the end of this month. If you haven’t yet seen the Preview Center yet, take a sneak peek or join the wait list to ensure your spot in line at the new stadium.


Gone Without a Trace

And just like that, the Metrodome is no more. Over the weekend the final pieces of the 32-year-old stadium were dismantled, leaving essentially no trace of the building that had its power cut for the final time just two months ago. Technically demolition isn’t scheduled for completion until next month, but to the naked eye the Metrodome is a thing of the past.

You Going to Recycle That?

Mortenson Construction has announced the following recycling facts related to the ongoing demolition process:

  • More than 80% of the Metrodome’s steel and concrete will be recycled.
  • 80,000 tons of concrete will be recycled for use in other building projects.
  • 2,500 tons of structural steel have been reclaimed and are being prepped for recycling off-site; 2,000 tons of steel remain in the existing structure and will be recycled.
  • 25 tons of precious metals have been recycled.
  • 300 tons of roof cables have been recycled.
  • 120 tons (240,000 pounds) of cast iron and 75 tons (150,000) pounds of plastic have been recycled from the Metrodome seats that were not sold.

Construction Update

While the demolition of the Metrodome is moving at a rapid pace, construction of the new facility also continues on schedule. The changes to the site on a weekly basis are drastic. Excavation work is nearly 50% complete with more than 400,000 of the estimated 850,000 cubic yards of dirt having been removed. Almost 15% of the new stadium’s drilled piers have been installed (40 of 300), and nearly 3% of the concrete has been poured to date (2,500 cubic yards of an estimated 100,000 total cubic yards). Temporary and permanent retaining walls continue to be installed while underground mechanical and electrical utility work also continues. A third tower crane is set to be erected on the southeast corner of the site in mid-April.

In Case You Missed It

NFL representatives spent two days in Minnesota last week in preparation for the state’s 2018 Super Bowl bid. Six league officials, including Senior Vice President of Events Frank Supovitz, toured hotels and event venues throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul, met with business and civic leaders and gained a better understanding of the new stadium design, particularly as it relates to expandable seating and security procedures. The trip not only gave the NFL executives a chance to better understand the market but it also offered the Minnesota Steering Committee an opportunity to gather insight and guidance from the experts in order to prepare Minnesota’s bid, which is due on April 1. Minnesota is one of three finalists (Indianapolis, New Orleans) to host the 2018 game. NFL owners will make the final selection in May.

For all of the latest information on the new stadium, check out this Q&A. For future notifications, join the new stadium waiting list here.