NFL Draft: Vikings Select Georgia Tech LB Brandon Watts

Posted May 10, 2014


Rare timed speed. Very quick to the perimeter and covers a lot of ground. Easily keeps stride with tight ends in the slot and offers solid man-coverage ability on backs. Can carry receivers vertically and buzz the flats. Lines up on the edge and offers some pass-rush potential. Is fluid and loose-hipped dropping into coverage. Posted 6.89-second three-cone drill at pro day workout. Has gunner experience.


Light-framed and does not play with power in his body. Very limited strength to fend off blockers -- is easily sealed and walled off. Average eyes and reactive quickness vs. the run and pass. Allows separation vs. quick-cutting receivers. Has room for improvement as an open-field tackler.


Rounds 5-6


A finesse, run-and-hit, coverage linebacker with the athletic traits and raw speed worth developing on the weak side, where he can be covered up in a fast-flowing, one-gap defense such as Dallas, Seattle or Tampa Bay. Could factor on special-teams coverage readily.

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