Musgrave Talks Adding Plays for Patterson

Posted Sep 12, 2013

Vikings Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

Good morning. Week Two, going on the road again, of course we’re looking forward to it and looking forward to coming back here 1-1.

Q: When you look at the offensive line play, did you see anything that trickled over from the preseason in terms of a little sluggishness?

A: I don’t know about the exact mistakes, but still too many mistakes. In preseason we were not playing our best and we’re still working to improve some of those corrections and a couple of the uncharacteristic mistakes did show up and, of course, they did hurt us ultimately.

Q: Matt Kalil talked about how he needs to pick it up this week against Julius Peppers. Do you think he’s ready for that?

A: We do. We share his sentiments. All of us need to step it up a little bit. I’m glad to hear that Matt said that. We’re all in this together and Matt certainly has taken responsibility for his shortcomings in the loss on Sunday, so we’re all ready to do exactly as he described.

Q: With the problems after Adrian Peterson’s long run, was he rusty on his reads or was it a blocking issue? How do you attribute that?

A: I think the defensive front proved tough to block. We did miss some blocks. We had some negative runs which is uncharacteristic. Usually when we run it with Adrian once, twice, three times in a row we end up in third and manageable or we have ourselves a first down. On Sunday in Detroit when we would run it, we ended up with minus yardage and that’s uncharacteristic for us, so it’s a combination of us not doing as well as we would expect and also Detroit playing very well.

Q: How does Chicago’s defensive line compare to Detroit’s? They seem pretty stout.

A: They do. We’re going to find out. Most NFL D-lines have terrific people up front and everyone is fresh this time of year, we’re going to see their best and we’re going to need to play our best.

Q: If a quarterback has a tough game, are you more likely to adjust things to make him more comfortable or to push him to do more?

A: Depends on the situation, but an easy answer would be to say it’s a combination of both. We have a young guy that has made a bunch of good plays in the short time that he’s been here. He’s also had his mistakes so we’re of the mindset of continuing to push him. We’re on the demanding side, and I know he’s on the demanding side of himself too, so we want to keep pushing and working for development.

Q: How did you analyze his turnovers last week? Was he put in tough positions?

A: He definitely was put in some tough positions and that’s part of the art of quarterbacking, is knowing what to do when it’s not there. Christian is a very prideful young man. He never gives up on anything. He’s what you would term as a battler so when a play transpires in which it’s not going to come off as designed, at times he has a tough time swallowing his pride and giving up on the play and ditching it and saying, ‘I’ll come back the next play.’ He wants to give it every last moment of availability. And that’s what happened the other day instead of ditching it and moving on, trying to make something that really wasn’t there.

Q: On the roll left, is he comfortable with that or is that something you might want to re-examine?

A: Well I can think of a number of times in which he’s made terrific throws going to his left. First play that he every started a game a couple years ago his rookie year would be one. But we’re always working to be better, you’re right.

Q: Is Jerome Simpson one thing to be encouraged about, being able to show that speed?

A: Jerome made some terrific plays for us. We definitely had our moments as an offense, they were just too few and far between, but Jerome was a part of our moments that we want to build upon.

Q: Did you go into the game thinking Jerome could emerge as your top target given the matchups?

A: We were going to put him in position to do so. We didn’t get through a lot of our game plan when you run less than 20 plays in the first half and end up with maybe the low 40s before we got into two-minute mode. We didn’t get through very much of our game plan. We weren’t on the field enough so it’s definitely a feeling of unfullfilment throughout the whole offense. Jerome did have his moments and that was a bright spot.


Q: Was there stuff that you had in the game plan for Cordarrelle Patterson that you didn’t have a chance to get into to?

A: Most definitely, not only for Cordarrelle, but for Greg Jennings, for Kyle, for everybody. Everybody knows their role and they’re all going to be a big time contributor for us. We want to be on the field so we can do it. It’s tough to do it from the sideline.

Q: Is Patterson pretty much only going to be on the field when you have three receivers or is he going to play in two receiver sets?

A: Both, he’ll be in there with two, three, one wide, all of the above.

Q: Is there something he needs to do to earn more playing time?

A: No.

Q: What were your impressions of Zach Line?

A: Good, I think we threw him one ball and he did a nice job. I’m very comfortable with him and confident in his ability to be in there.

Q: How well did he block?

A: Good, I’m very confident in Zach.