Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Apr 19, 2010

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As much as Iwould love to see the Vikings come away from the draft with a big-time RB, Ifeel it would take a serious slide by one of those players in order for the Vikings to end up with one.That said, I like the idea of moving Darius Reynaud to RB. However, Iam concerned about his blocking skills, given that he probably hasn't thrown too many blocks in passprotectionsince his high school days in Louisiana. So what's the deal, Mike, is this move for real? Ibelieve Reynaud could help us out, and it would be a shame if all of this movement was justsmoke and mirrors.

-- Zach N., Bloomington,IL

Moving Reynaud to RB is definitely not smoke and mirrors. He was a productive and established RB in high school and as you mentioned, he has the skill set to be a good runner in the NFL. As far as his pass protection is concerned, you’re exactly right in that this is a hurdle in the transition. It’s something he’s going to have to work on a lot and this is why NFL teams have position coaches. Reynaud will improve in this area – as well as in his footwork – and hopefully the transition will go smoothly.

Anyone following the mock drafts has seen that most experts predict the Vikings will address the secondary with their 1st round pick. I’ve seen both CBs and safeties going to the Vikings. Which position, of those two, do you think the Vikings are most likely to address?

-- Anthony A., Owatonna, MN

I would say CB for a couple of reasons. First, I actually think the top 3 safeties – Eric Berry, Earl Thomas and Taylor Mays – will all be gone by the time the Vikings pick at #30. Second, a rookie 1st round CB has a better chance to contribute in Year 1 than a S. With both Cedric Griffin and Antoine Winfield coming back from injuries, it’s possible that a rookie will join Asher Allen and Benny Sapp in the rotation for playing time early in the 2010 season.

Could you see the Vikings moving up (or down)to get a specific player they like? The Vikings have a history of going after certain players they have an eye on.

-- Mike, Chicago, IL

Certainly, I can see this. Trading during the draft is sometimes a great way to find value. There might be a player you really like that falls close to you, and then you jump up and grab him before another team with a similar need drafts him. You can also decide to trade back, knowing there are a handful of players you’d like to draft that can help your team but you don’t favor any of them over the others.

I don’t know if the Vikings will draft a QB or not. But if they do, what will happen with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels? Do the Vikings trade or cut one of those players?

-- Julie S., Iowa City, IA

They would probably keep both QBs so they would have enough arms at training camp. Whether Favre comes back or not, there’s a chance he won’t be at training camp, so that leaves the Vikings with just 2 QBs currently on the roster. Some teams actually bring 4 QBs to camp, so I would expect the Vikings to add at least one more QB before training camp starts and then to also keep both Jackson and Rosenfels.