Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Sep 13, 2010

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Do you know if the trade rumors involving WR Vincent Jackson and the Vikings are true? It seems like a good fit even though he will be suspended for 2 more games. The Vikings have a bye week where he can come in and work with Brett Favre for a week or so and be ready for game #4. He provides a tall WR when Sidney is out and even when Sidney is back, they can put Jackson on the other side of Rice and that provides an extra WR with the uncertainly of Percy Harvin week-to-week.  And if they did get Jackson, who would be the odd man out? Bernard Berrian?

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way. From a schematic and personnel standpoint, I think he’d be a nice fit. From a salary and trade compensation standpoint, I’m not sure how it fits. It might fit nicely or it may not; that’s “above my pay grade” as they say. I don’t think anyone would be the “odd man out” and I especially don’t think it would be Berrian. In fact, the addition of Jackson would help Berrian as much as any other receiver in the lineup.

What was the point of abandoning the running game in the 2nd half against New Orleans? We were having some time-consuming drives and with some success....60 yards in the 1st half. It seemed that there was no attempt at the running game in the 2nd half.
-- Timothy C.

The Vikings had 6 rushing plays in the 2nd half, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But when you consider the Vikings had just 18 offensive snaps in the 2nd half and just 1 complete drive in the 4th quarter, it’s a bit easier to understand why there wasn’t as much emphasis placed on the run. In addition to that, the Vikings needed a TD during the last drive of the 4th quarter and at that point they went into an all-pass series of plays. With a future Hall of Famer such as Favre at QB, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea to place the ball exclusively in his hands in that situation. If the game had turned out the other way, and the Vikings had scored a TD on that 4th-quarter drive, people would not be criticizing the Vikings for their playcalling.

Here is what Childress said in response to being asked about “going away from the run” in the 2nd half: “I can’t tell you exactly how many plays there were in the second half; we had a couple of gainers in the very first series of the second half if I am not mistaken. Adrian had a plus-12, but that was only a four-play drive. It was like on first down we go 12 yards and essentially go three-and-out from that point on. Just kind of got behind the eight-ball a little bit in terms of the down and distance. You’re looking at normal down and distance; once we ran it for six yards and we weren’t able to get a first down in the next two downs. We just weren’t able to go back and lean on the run or be patient enough with the run, because when you’re three and out you’re typically behind in down and distance.”

I know Brett Favre was trying to take all the blame on himself after the game on Thursday for missing plays, but really apart from Visanthe Shiancoe and maybe Greg Camarillo, no one seems to run their route completely. I’d love to see a trade for Randy Moss for maybe Bernard and a mid-level pick. Is this still crazy?
-- Sam R.

Without watching film from Thursday’s game I can’t really confirm the idea that Vikings receivers weren’t running their routes well. It may or may not be true, but I’m not going to place a blanket assessment on the route-running ability of Vikings receivers after watching 1 game. On top of that, Vikings WRs coach George Stewart is one of the best and most-experienced in the business. He’s a stickler with details, such as the intricacies involved in route-running. So if I had to guess, I’d say route-running is not an issue with Vikings WRs.

As for the idea of acquiring Moss and/or involving Bernard Berrian in a trade, I don’t see how that would work. The comparison between Berrian and Moss aside, I’m a lot higher on Berrian than fans seem to be at this point. Berrian led the NFL in average yards per catch in 2008 and then his production tailed off last year because of a hamstring injury that bothered him for much of the year. Now he’s back healthy again and he’ll have Favre throwing to him; I like that combination. I don’t think Berrian will take the league by storm and lead in TDs, but I think he’ll have a handful of big games where he is a difference-maker. He’s a nice bit player to have because he plays well in big games (see: last year’s NFC Championship Game), has the ability to stretch the field with his speed, is a veteran who has seen everything a defense can throw at him and actually has good hands (although he dropped a pass on Thursday night).

The season is upon us; no more complaining about the Coach, TJack or anything else pertaining to the Vikings. Hey, I am guilty too, but negativity and bad vibes can only hurt the team during the season. From now until we hoist the Lombardi in Dallas, all Viking fans should remember the power of positive thinking, and send all our best thoughts out to the team. When the Vikings are behind in a game, fans have to keep believing and keep cheering. Even when we lose a game, we all have to suppress any negative thoughts, and stop criticizing the powers that be in Winter Park. It doesn't help and negative thoughts only translate into failure.

Several years ago I lived in Mississippi and I marveled at the Saints fans. No matter what happened they always believed in their team. I rarely heard any complaining, which was amazing as the team was pretty bad. Maybe all of that positive energy helped the Saints have some lucky wins last year in the regular season. They won the NFC game, when on paper the Vikings were superior in almost all categories, and beat the Colts of all teams in the Super Bowl. It wasn't Voodoo!  It was the magic of an entire region believing and loving their team. They believed it was their destiny and so it became a reality.

Vikings fans have the power to send a Viking ship load of positive energy, belief in a dream, and good karma on the field every time the Vikes play. I have been a Favre fan for many years. I
would truly enjoy seeing a fairy tale ending for him, and for the Vikings in their 50th year. So let’s get that good karma going and most importantly keep it going no matter what is happening! This year the Vikings are a team of destiny.
Lisa C.
West Hartford, CT

That was an email I got from Lisa, a frequent emailer of mine, last Monday leading up to the Saints game. I appreciate those kinds of emails and her sentiment. It’s nice to get a few of those emails mixed in with all of the negative comments that flow in so freely. Thanks Lisa!