Monday Morning Mailbag

Posted Mar 21, 2011

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Do you have any idea what the Vikings might want for trading out of the #12 overall spot to say, somewhere later in the teens? A 3rd-round pick is obvious, but I'm wondering what, historically, teams like to receive for a similar trade. Also, could you say a word about the compensatory picks the Vikings will receive in the upcoming draft? It seems as if no one has been speaking about these picks.
-- Gideon S.
Accord, NY

[A portion of the answer below is inaccurate and a correction to the answer has been posted on the Blog, which you can access by clicking here.]

The compensatory picks question is a good one, but unfortunately the answer is like the answer to so many other questions right now – it depends on the new CBA. Compensatory picks are awarded based on the results of free agency – when you lose a player to free agency you then are potentially awarded a compensatory pick based on that lost player’s draft stock. Due to the current conditions of the CBA impasse, free agency is on hold and therefore there’s no way for the NFL to award compensatory picks based on the results of free agency.

As for your question about trading back from #12, consider this from the 2010 NFL Draft:

-- The Dolphins traded from #12 (the Vikings have that selection this year) to #28 and in return got a 2nd-rounder (pick #40), and swapped 4th-rounders (giving up #110 and getting back #126).
-- The Patriots traded pick #22 to get to pick #24 and got a 4th-rounder in return.
-- The Patriots then traded that #24 pick and a 4th-round pick (#119 overall) to the Cowboys for their 1st-round pick at #27 overall and a 3rd-round pick (#90 overall).

Mike, with the current condition of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, what will happen to the college players after they are drafted? Will the players just treat it like an offseason and stay in shape with personal trainers and such? And will the lockout benefit players like Joe Webb, by giving him more time to develop and learn the Vikings offense?
-- Julian S.
Kalamazoo, MI

If there isn’t a new CBA and if there is still a work stoppage, my understanding is that once the draft concludes on Saturday evening NFL teams will not be able to communicate with their draft picks or conduct any of the usual post-draft activities, such as undrafted free agency and contract negotiations with the draft picks.

As for the work stoppage benefitting a player such as Webb, I actually think it works against Webb because he’ll miss out on opportunities to work with his new offensive coordinator – Bill Musgrave – and the offensive scheme the Vikings will implement for the 2011 season.

This question is theoretical. If Sidney Rice were to sign as a restricted free agent with another team under a new CBA would they give up their first pick to the Vikes? Someone told me this would be the case.
-- Guy W.

We are unafraid of theoretical questions here at! Unfortunately, and I know everyone is sick of hearing this, I can’t answer this question with any certainty because of the CBA impasse. The CBA dictates the terms and rules of roster transactions, including restricted free agency. While I can’t be certain of what will happen with Rice or what the Vikings would receive as compensation if Rice were to sign with someone else, I’m fairly certain that there would be some type of compensation for the Vikings should Rice sign elsewhere. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

This is more of a statement than a question. I believe the Vikes have too many needs right now and are in a mess. Even with the draft and free agency,  they still won’t be competitive. They have one ace and that is
Adrian Peterson, but he can’t carry a team. So how do you use that ace? You trade him while he has some value! They could probably get a whole lot for AP right now,  and start re-building the team.
-- Arnie K.
Jamestown, ND

I’ve actually received this question several times during the offseason, so I finally decided to include it in the Monday Morning Mailbag. To be honest, the first time someone emailed me this opinion I about fell off my chair in disbelief. But then I received more emails from fans with the same idea, so I began to wrap my arms around the issue and developed the opinion that it’s a bad idea.

Remember, the RB position is considered perhaps the most replaceable of any position in the NFL (Peterson, however, is not very replaceable). The reason for this is the short shelf life of RBs - a lot of times they are here today and gone tomorrow. With that being the case, you can't get a lot of value in trading RBs, even someone such as Peterson. For example, do you think someone such as Bill Belichick or Bill Polian would be willing to give up multiple picks – especially 1st-round picks – to acquire Peterson? As good as Peterson is, I just don't see a team giving up a huge contingent of picks to get him because they know that at any time he could fall off the ledge (I hope that doesn't happen, but it could).

As for Peterson, I also don't like the idea of trading him because he's the identity of the franchise. He's been among the top 2 or 3 players at his position since his rookie year, and in my opinion the Vikings would be foolish to trade away that type of talent, especially if he continues to produce and the Vikings miss on those draft picks. Because it looks like Peterson’s skills won't diminish for several seasons, I think the Vikings should consider signing him to a long-term extension before they should consider trading him. He looks to be a truly special player, perhaps even a Hall of Famer some day.

Short and sweet, why hasn’t Carson Palmer come up in any talks out of Vikings central?  Is the guy just looked at as “ washed up “ or does anyone in the organization feel this guy could still be very successful in a system with plenty of talent around him, and that he could possibly be acquired for cheap?
-- Joshua S.

I don’t know if anyone in the Vikings organization is interested in him or not, but I also know it probably won’t be cheap to acquire him. Also, we’ve talked about Palmer quite a bit on We have addressed it quite a bit on, though. He’s a part of our QB Collection feature and I also wrote a blog entry on the possibility of acquiring Palmer.